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Library Supervision eCourse
Joan Giesecke and Beth McNeil
Item Number: 978-0-8389-9076-6
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $57.00
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This self-paced tutorial is adapted from the ALA Editions book Fundamentals of Library Supervision, Second Edition, by Joan Giesecke and Beth McNeil. It is organized in 7 Lessons and estimated to be 3 hours of instruction. This eCourse is licensed for single-site use.

Today’s library supervisor is challenged with managing teams and collaborative work groups rather than the more traditionally hierarchical structures in library services. A good manager must be able to demonstrate technical skill, good writing and oral skills, and time management skills. Most importantly, a successful manager must be flexible. The Library Supervison eCourse provides information and tools to effectively manage your library staff. Whether you’re a newcomer to the library or have been promoted from within, this eCourse addresses specific opportunities to sharpen your management style. Quizzes at the end of each lesson test your knowledge, while “Further Reading” suggestions point you in the direction of additional information.

eCourse Outline

E-Lesson 1: Becoming a Manager

  •     Identify key elements to becoming a successful manager
  •     Explore myths about good management
  •     Understand the elements of a good relationship with staff and with your boss (superior)
  •     Appreciate the value in building good relationships with your peers

E-Lesson 2: Building Effective Communication Skills

  •     Recognize good communication skills
  •     Understand the audience
  •     Engage in active listening

E-Lesson 3: Teamwork and Group Dynamics

  •     Identify elements of an effective team
  •     Explore opportunities to develop a team-building program
  •     Understand the supervisor’s role in team building

E-Lesson 4: Hiring and Interviewing

  •     Design and create a job description
  •     Appreciate the elements of the hiring process
  •     Understand the components of a successful interview
  •     Assess a candidate’s core competencies

E-Lesson 5: Orientation and Training

  •     Identify key elements of an effective orientation
  •     Design a positive first day for your new employee
  •     Create strategies to support various learning strategies in your unit
  •     Develop an orientation checklist
  •     Design and implement a customized training program for the new employee

E-Lesson 6: Setting Goals and Objectives

  •     Highlight concrete opportunities to create workable goals
  •     Set reasonable goals and objectives for her staff and unit
  •     Understand how unit and library-wide goals can and should be aligned

E-Lesson 7: Managing Performance

  •     Identify performance standards and expectations
  •     Create and implement a performance evaluation system
  •     Address performance issues and problems

Praise for the companion book
Fundamentals of Library Supervision, Second Edition

"It’s not unusual for librarians to be promoted into supervisory positions without the benefits of a role model, a good mentor, or even a halfway decent management class in graduate school. This book can help."
--Library Journal

“Should be at hand for every library administrator.”
--The Midwest Book Review

"This book is recommended for new managers and staff who are working towards moving into management positions. Readers of this work will come away with an understanding of the many facets that make a manager successful."
--Internet Reference Services Quarterly

"As experienced academic library leaders and managers, the authors meet their objective of providing positive and professional guidance for supervisors. Every library supervisor can find valuable concepts and learn from reading this book."

"This book is an absolute gem. Simple, practical advice from two experienced library managers is given without being simplistic ... New supervisors, potential supervisors, experienced managers in search of a refresher, and libraries attached to LIS courses should rush out to acquire copies - beg, borrow or buy. No doubt such copies will end up well-thumbed and stockpiled. This work is highly recommended."
--Australian Library Journal


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