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Marketing Public Libraries eCourse
Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste, and Jonathan Silberman
Item Number: 978-0-8389-9078-0
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $57.00
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This self-paced tutorial is adapted from the ALA Editions book Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian, by Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste, and Jonathan Silberman. It is organized in 7 Lessons and estimated to be 3.5 hours of instruction. This eCourse is licensed for single-site use.

The internet has ushered in a new wave of consumer-driven marketing. As a result of this flurry of offerings, communication networks have evolved into social networks. Interactive information sharing, described as Web 2.0 technology, provides tools that include word-of-mouth marketing. The Marketing Public Libraries eCourse explains how to create effective, community-based marketing campaigns using the latest and most popular Web 2.0 tools. Quizzes at the end of each lesson test your knowledge, while “Further Reading” suggestions point you in the direction of additional information.
eCourse Outline

E-Lesson 1: Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  •    Identify opportunities to strengthen WOMM
  •    Appreciate the influence WOMM can have in promoting your library’s products, services, and programs

E-Lesson 2:  Preparing a Toolbox
  •     Develop a tool box to help spread messages
  •     Strengthen the conversations between individuals and groups

E-Lesson 3:  What is Your Library’s Story?
  •     Understand how stories can be used to promote and market your library
  •     Identify the elements of a good story

E-Lesson 4: Advocacy  
  •     Identify concrete tools you can use to advocate for your program
  •     Explore ways to engage stakeholders in your advocacy efforts

E-Lesson 5: Public Relations
  •     Establish strong working relationships with the media community.
  •     Prepare an effective press release that will appeal to a target audience

E-Lesson 6: New Marketing Tools-Web 2.0
  •     Understand the benefits of Web 2.0 tools in marketing library services
  •     Appreciate the value of incorporating a marketing mix for desired results

E-Lesson 7: More on Web 2.0 Tools
  •     Appreciate the variety of Web 2.0 tools you can use to market your library
  •     Identify those tools most appropriate for your library’s marketing needs
  •     Deepen your communication with your community, users, and nonusers

Praise for the companion book
Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian

"Using 'tangible ideas that can be done in bite-sized chunks,' the authors break public relations into different types of strategies for specific purposes. The result is a book that demystifies marketing by demonstrating that the real secret to marketing is to just try it."
--AALL Spectrum

“The book is nicely designed and full of examples, lists, work sheets, and other aids. Although it could be read cover to cover, it is just as useful for browsing chapters or skimming the headings for ideas, such as creating a story bank or a wiki. This useful guide helps libraries tell their story and make their best practices known.”

“This book does an excellent job of capturing the essence of some of the newest venues that libraries should be utilizing to reach a variety of potential patrons.”
--Against the Grain

"Don’t let this book’s size fool you. Coming in at less than 150 pages, it provides a powerful and streamlined approach to marketing, which has become an increasingly important aspect of library services ... Addressing everything from blogging to Twitter, Flickr to FaceBook, this book is a must-have for librarians who find them self taking on the role of marketing director."
--ACRL Washington Newsletter

"The conversational language and short chapters are easy to read and useful for any librarian ... while reading the book, librarians will start generating ideas on how to implement many of these suggestions into their own library. Usable marketing theory and the blend between the old and the new makes this book valuable to a variety of librarians."
--The Idaho Librarian

"Written and arranged in a concise, snappy manner, this book will be a valuable reference tool for everyone associated with library promotion and marketing. The real secret of marketing in new and original ways is simple – just try it!"
--The Australian Library Journal

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