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Hiring and Supervising Library Shelvers eCourse
Patricia Tunstall
Item Number: 978-0-8389-9075-9
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $57.00
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This self-paced tutorial is adapted from the ALA Editions book Hiring, Training, and Supervising Library Shelvers, by Patricia Tunstall. It is organized in 6 Lessons and estimated to be 3 hours of instruction. This eCourse is licensed for single-site use.

Library shelvers play an invaluable role in providing good library services. But how do you find good library shelvers and keep them for more than a few months? The Hiring and Supervising Library Shelvers eCourse is designed to familiarize library managers with effective and successful methods in recruiting, hiring, training and managing library shelvers. Quizzes at the end of each lesson test your knowledge, while “Further Reading” suggestions point you in the direction of additional information.
eCourse Outline

E-Lesson 1: Looking for Shelvers

  •     Appreciate the elements of effective recruiting
  •     Identify elements of the application that indicate a serious candidate
  •     Listen to a candidate and assess his interest in the position

E-Lesson 2: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Shelvers
  •     Identify the qualities needed in a shelver
  •     Explore the best examples in interviewing, training, and supervising shelvers
  •     Understand successful methods to assess a candidate’s skill set

E-Lesson 3: Training Shelvers
  •     Appreciate the elements of effective training of shelvers
  •     Identify key steps in training and offering on-the-job support
  •     Create strategies for developing good work habits

E-Lesson 4: Advanced Training for Shelvers
  •     Prepare advanced shelvers in sorting and reshelving audiovisual materials
  •     Identify opportunities to carefully train shelvers in understanding the complexities of the AV department
  •     Train shelvers in other areas of library service

E-Lesson 5: Day-to-Day Supervision
  •     Recognize good leadership skills
  •     Appreciate “best practices” in communicating with staff and shelvers
  •     Demonstrate a keen interest in shelvers
  •     Guide your staff and advocate on their behalf

E-Lesson 6: Keeping Your Shelvers and the Library Happy
  •     Review various strategies when approaching sensitive issues with employees
  •     Consider options and remedies in addressing an employee’s behavior or problem

Praise for the companion book
Hiring, Training, and Supervising Library Shelvers

"It's a compact, no-nonsense volume with plenty of good advice ... a welcome addition to the Circulation Supervisor's reference shelf."
--Against the Grain

"This down-to-earth, easy-to-use resource should be purchased by all supervisors who oversee shelvers in their libraries. Highly recommended."
--Library Journal

“This is an excellent manual for libraries, their shelving staff, and any person who supervises them.”

"From reiterating the idea that accurate, efficient shelving provides the foundation for excellent customer service to providing a complete overview of the procedures for hiring, testing, and training; day-to-day supervision; and evaluation of shelvers, this toolkit is a must for page supervisors. Particularly unique is her view on the importance of retention and ways in which to ensure that highly trained, good workers are coached and motivated to stay on the job."

"Practical examples and samples are found throughout the different sections of the book, but are outdone by a comprehensive appendix. In it, you will find samples of everything you could ever need for managing library shelvers, including vacancy signs, interview questions, tests, applicant response letters, training tips, a position description, work logs, reports, conduct agreement, performance evaluation and a shelver manual."
--The Australian Library Journal

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