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Library Security eCourse
Miriam B. Kahn
Item Number: 978-0-8389-9074-2
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $57.00
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This self-paced tutorial is adapted from the ALA Editions book The Library Security and Safety Guide to Prevention, Planning, and Response, by Miriam B. Kahn. It is organized in 8 Lessons and estimated to be 4 hours of instruction. This eCourse is licensed for single-site use.

A hallmark of the Library is its open door policy, encouraging access to information for all, but it’s important to ensure your library is both accessible and secure. Disaster and security consultant Miriam B. Kahn’s Library Security eCourse provides you with the information and tools you need to address and access the current risks in each area of your library. This 4-hour course covers all the essential issues of library security, including
  • How to use your library’s floor plans to thoroughly survey each floor of the building
  • Strategies for reducing risk of damage, loss, theft, or injury in all areas of your library
  • Methods for safeguarding valuable and sensitive collections, storage facilities, technology, and equipment
  • Ways to build trusting relationships with security personnel and local police departments

Building on the checklists, sample policies and forms in the book, this eCourse enables library administrators, building managers, and facilities directors to measure risk and formulate a solid security plan.
eCourse Outline

E-Lesson 1:  Surveying Exteriors and Grounds
  • Survey library facilities
  • Understand how to protect patrons and staff
  • Appreciate the steps in supporting a safe environment for the building and grounds, the collections, equipment and technology, and for the staff and patrons
  • Understand the meaning behind risk management

E-Lesson 2:  Surveying Interior Public Areas
  • Use the library’s floor plan to identify all security and safety issues
  • Identify all entrances, exits, and emergency exits
  • Include measures to protect collections

E-Lesson 3:  Surveying Staff Only Areas
  • Address the precautions and procedures necessary to ensure staff safety
  • Identify key emergency exits, alarms, and procedures during drills and evacuations

E-Lesson 4:  Security for General Collections
  • Appreciate the necessity to access, process, and categorize all items.
  • Develop routines to protect circulating and non-circulating library items and materials

E-Lesson 5:  Security for Archived and Special Materials
  • Explore effective practices in reducing theft or damage to special collections
  • Recognize what elements are necessary to provide a comprehensive security system in your library

E-Lesson 6:  Local and Remote Storage Facilities
  • Create a storage facility that can be safely used by library staff, as well as secure of unauthorized access, theft, or outside threat
  • Identify all security and safety issues in the library’s remote storage facility

E-Lesson 7:  How to Keep Your Computer Equipment, Electronic Data, and Websites Safe
  • Understand the need to safely secure all computer and electronic equipment in your library setting
  • Implement strategies to ensure that your computer, software programs, and Internet use are safe and protected
  • Access information from your library’s IT department regarding strategies to protect computers, data, and related library materials.

E-Lesson 8:  Patron and Staff Safety
  • Identify specific disruptive behaviors that are not acceptable in the library
  • Respond to behavior and threats in the library
  • Identify steps to take to ensure child safety in the library
  • Identify steps to take to ensure the safety of all adults and children in the library

Praise for the companion book
The Library Security and Safety Guide to Prevention, Planning, and Response

“This guide is essential as a working tool for all types of libraries, museums, and cultural institutions. It should also be used by community and regional networks of cultural institutions working together on emergency preparedness.”

“A concise, intelligent, pragmatic handbook that deserves to become a standard text.”
--The Australian Library Journal

"Although the word 'handbook' is not in the title of this new work, it functions as a handbook because it is comprehensive, practical, and easy to use. The author covers the material in a matter-of-fact style with accompanying checklists and forms that may be adapted and used by libraries large and small."
--Internet Reference Services Quarterly

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