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Creating the Customer-Driven Academic Library—print/e-book Bundle
Jeannette Woodward
Item Number: 7700-9768
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $70.00
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208 pages
Year Published: 2009

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Academic libraries are going through what may be the most difficult period in their history. With more and more scholarly content available online and accessible almost anywhere, where does the traditional “brick and mortar” library fit in? In this book Jeannette Woodward attacks these and other pressing issues facing today’s academic librarians. Her trailblazing strategies center on keeping the customer’s point of view in focus at all times to help you

  • Integrate technology to meet today’s student and faculty needs
  • Revaluate the role and function of library service desks
  • Implement staffing strategies to match customer expectations
  • Create new and effective promotional materials

  • Librarians are now faced with marketing to a generation of students who log on rather than walk in and this cutting-edge book supplies the tools needed to keep customers coming through the door.

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    Table of Contents


    1. Reinventing the Academic Library

    2. Making It Happen: Leadership and the Professional Staff

    3. Public Service Staffing: Past, Present, and Future

    4. A Great Place to Be: Creating a Livable Library

    5. Transforming Spaces on Tight Budgets

    6. Making the Transition to a Twenty-First-Century Library

    7. Innovation at the Forefront

    8. Sharing Our Vision: Marketing the Academic Library

    9. Customer Service: Making It All Come Together

    10. Evaluating Our Progress

    About the Author

    Jeannette Woodward is a principal of Wind River Library and Nonprofit Consulting. After a career in academic library administration, she began a second career in public libraries, serving as director of the Fremont County Library System in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. Woodward is the author of several books, including What Every Librarian Should Know about Electronic Privacy (2007), Nonprofit Essentials: Managing Technology (2006), Creating the Customer-Driven Library: Building on the Bookstore Model (2005), and Countdown to a New Library: Managing the Building Project (2000). She holds a master's degree in library and information science from Rutgers University, with doctoral study at the University of Texas at Austin.

    “This volume is a strong reminder that coupled with our enthusiasm for emerging digital services are tangible concerns about how to best staff and organize our physical library spaces … it is essential to continually revisit the role of the physical library and ask ourselves how to best design its space to serve our customers. Woodward’s book is recommended as further preparation for these ongoing discussions.”
    -- Public Services Quarterly

    “As library administrators develop their ideas for the future within the ever-changing landscape of stakeholders’ needs, this book can serve as a vital link between planning and implementing the reinvention of the academic library.”
    --New Library World

    "This well-written book offers an insightful look at public services in academic libraries. The author's vignettes of the experiences of different types of patrons and library employees are an eye-opening way to look at the library, which explains dissatisfaction for both users and staff. Especially noteworthy is Woodward's discussion of reference services. Writings on current practice and the future of academic libraries frequently view reference as a dying service. Consequently, the discussions focus on finding ways to diminish or streamline reference by promoting tiered reference assistance, increasing online reference services, or possibly eliminating reference altogether in anticipation of a genuinely seamless online library environment. By contrast, the author makes a compelling case for providing public services in person and in physical library space."
    --Internet Reference Services Quarterly

    "This is a valuable book, not only for the points you will applaud, but also for those with which you may disagree. Eschewing the safe middle ground, Woodward takes a fresh approach which holds attention and aids us in looking anew at our libraries from the user’s perspective."
    --The Australian Library Journal

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