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Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism
Michael Cart
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1045-0
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $62.00
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256 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1045-0
Year Published: 2010
AP Categories: A, C

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Today’s young adult literature is every bit as complex as the audience it’s written for, unflinchingly addressing such topics as homosexuality, mental illness, AIDS and drug abuse. In this much expanded revision of his 1996 book, veteran author Michael Cart shows how the best of contemporary YA lit has evolved to tackle such daunting subjects without resorting to sensationalism. He brings his historical survey of this category fully up to date, covering its explosive growth in the past decade, and advocating that librarians and teachers look beyond romance and horror when advising young adults. This survey helps YA librarians who want to freshen up their readers’ advisory skills, teachers who use novels in the classroom, and adult services librarians who increasingly find themselves addressing the queries of teen patrons by covering the
  • Reading habits of today’s teens
  • Influence of new technologies and formats
  • New YA lit awards
This insightful and often humorous work presents the evolution of YA lit in an appealing way, making it equally useful for students of literary studies. You’ll definitely update your recommended “to read” lists after a spin through Cart’s advisory.
Table of Contents

Part One    That Was Then
Chapter One   
From Sue Barton to the Sixties: What’s in a Name? and Other Uncertainties
Chapter Two   
The Sixties and the Seventies: The Rise of Realism and the First Golden Age
Chapter Three   
The Eighties—Something Old, Something New: The Rise of the Paperback Series, Multicultural Literature, and Political Correctness
Chapter Four   
The Early Nineties: A Near Death Experience
Chapter Five   
The Rest of the Nineties: Revival and Renaissance

Part Two    This Is Now
Chapter Six   
A New Literature for a New Millennium? The Renaissance Continues
Chapter Seven   
Romancing the Retail: Of Series, Superstores, Harry Potter, and Such
Chapter Eight   
So, How Adult Is Young Adult? The Crossover Conundrum
Chapter Nine   
Meanwhile, Back in the Real World: Immigration, Mixed Race, and Other New Realities of Teen Life
Chapter Ten   
Sex and Other Shibboleths: YA Comes of Age—and Not a Moment Too Soon
Chapter Eleven   
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Literature: The Controversies Continue
Chapter Twelve   
The Viz Biz: Transforming the Funnies
Chapter Thirteen   
The Eyes Have It—Other Visual Forms: Photo Essays and the New Nonfiction
Chapter Fourteen   
Of Books and Bytes: Multiple Literacies, the Death of Print, and Other Imponderables

Works Cited
Selected Bibliography
About the Author

Michael Cart is a nationally known expert in young adult literature, which he taught at UCLA before his recent relocation to the Midwest. A columnist and reviewer for ALA’s Booklist magazine, he is also the author or editor of 20 books and countless articles that have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Parents Magazine, American Libraries, School Library Journal, and elsewhere. The former president of both YALSA and ALAN, he is the recipient of the 2000 Grolier Award and the first recipient – in 2008 – of the YALSA/Greenwood Publishing Group Service to Young Adults Award. He appointed and chaired the Task Force that created the Michael L. Printz Award and subsequently chaired the 2006 Printz Committee.

"This updated and expanded second edition of Cart's already lively and comprehensive history of young adult literature (1996) is an essential resource ... Highly accessible and thorough, the text is a staple for any study of the canon. Students and newcomers to the conversation will appreciate Cart's experience and insight. And, once again, the books he mentions as examples will send readers straight to the shelves."
--School Library Journal

"Unlike some revisions, where a new chapter is added to bring the work up-to-date, Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism stands as a new work—-rewritten, updated and awaiting a spot on every YA lit fan’s professional shelf."

"A welcome update to the 1996 title by author, editor, and advocate for young adult literature Cart, this historical overview has not only been extended into the era of Twilight and the e-book but also expanded to include additional genres and formats (comics and graphic novels, nonfiction, audiobooks). Half of the 14 chapters survey the coming-of-age of young adult literature, from the advent of youth culture to the present, providing a roll call of influential and exemplary authors. Remaining chapters analyze current trends and controversies, including crossover publishing between adult and YA markets; treatments of sex, sexuality, and violence in YA titles; and literacy in an increasingly digital age. Cart writes knowledgeably and fervently in support of risk-taking authors and calls for more books that reflect the cultural diversity of today’s adolescents as well as the complexity of their lives. Recommended for educators and school and public librarians serving teens."
--Booklist (starred review)

"With this book, Cart, a specialist in the genre, brings the study of young-adult literature firmly into the 21st century ... Highly recommended."

"A huge amount of statistical information – teen demographics, publication and sales data, reading, literacy levels and more – is easily woven into the text, without at all diminishing the readability. Cart’s discussions on what exactly constitutes ‘young adult literature’ and the different terms used (children’s literature, young adult, youth, teen, middle school and so on), their changing meanings over time, and the blurring of the original reading age categories, should be mandatory reading for every young adult librarian in a public library."
--Australian Library Journal

"An informative title tracing the interesting and everchanging history of young adult literature by an expert."
--Catholic Library World

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