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The Librarian's Book of Lists
George M. Eberhart
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1063-4
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $13.00
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128 pages
5" x 7.5"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1063-4
Year Published: 2010

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After years spent editing American Libraries and the many editions of The Whole Library Handbook, George Eberhart has collected a raft of arcane librariana and amusing trivia for this endlessly browsable volume. Equally suitable for the reference shelf and the staff lounge, the dozens of wide-ranging lists in this book include
  • 14 ways libraries are good for the country
  • How to say “Where is the library?” in 50 different languages
  • 10 intriguing paper defects
  • 6 library-related birdsongs
  • Top 12 silly reasons to ban a book
The mixture of serious topics, tongue-in-cheek items, and outright silliness provides something to please everyone familiar with libraries, making a fun read and a wonderful gift.
Table of Contents


1. Five Things That Make a Library

2. Eight Past Predictions about Libraries and Information in the Future

3. Three Rules of the Librarians of Time and Space

4. Ten Suggestions for a Library-Related Ben and Jerry’s Flavor

5. Ten Gifts for Your Librarian Friends

6. Ten Things Microsoft’s “Ms. Dewey” Used to Say

7. The Seattle Books Examiner’s Top Twenty Things Librarians in Public Libraries Wish Patrons Knew or Did

8. The Swiss Army Librarian’s Top Ten Pet Peeves about Patrons

9. Ten Commandments for Borrowers of Books

10. Six Birds That Make Library-Related Sounds

11. Larry Nix’s Top Ten Libraries on Postage Stamps

12. Fifteen Favorite Library Postcards

13. Top Ten Library Blogs

14. Top Sixteen Book Blogs

15. Top Sixty Subject Blogs and News Sources

16. Norman Stevens’s Ten Best Children’s Picture Books That Feature Libraries and Librarians

17. Ten Librarians in Adult Fiction

18. Twenty-five Offbeat Book Titles

19. Martha Spear’s Top Ten Reasons to Be a Librarian

20. Scott Douglas’s Ten Reasons to Be (and Not to Be) a Librarian

21. Top Ten Ways to Make Sure Potential Applicants for Your Library Job Are Turned Off by Your Ad

22. Ten Recruitment Vows for Librarians

23. Roy Tennant’s Top Ten Things Library Administrators Should Know about Technology

24. Leigh Anne Vrabel’s Ten Things to Do When You Are a Library Director

25. Jenny Levine’s Mind-Set List for Library School Students

26. Sean Fitzpatrick’s Seven Cool Tools That Librarians Should Know About

27. Key Dates in American Library History

28. Five Movies with the Worst Librarian Stereotypes

29. Five Movies with Librarian Role Models

30. Three TV Shows with Librarians

31. Twelve Librarians Who Came Back to Haunt

32. Top Fifteen Books about Real Librarians

33. Twelve Librarians Who Were Poets

34. Fourteen Ways Public Libraries Are Good for the Country

35. Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science (Updated)

36. Michael Gorman’s Revised Laws of Library Science

37. John Cotton Dana’s Twelve Rules for Reading

38. Top Twenty-five Largest Libraries in North America

39. Ten Unusual Rare-Book Genres

40. Ten Book Curses

41. Ten Intriguing Paper Defects

42. Stephen Leary’s Top Ten Ways to Exit a Library

43. Booklist Editors’ Best American Fiction, 1980–2005

44. Top Ten Challenged Books, 1990–2000

45. Other Challenged Books, 2001–2009

46. Top Twelve Silly Reasons to Ban a Book

47. Ten Most Popular ALA Celebrity READ Posters

48. What to Do When the Media Calls

49. How to Say “Where Is the Library?” in Fifty Languages

50. Top Ten Library Music Videos

About the Author

George M. Eberhart is editor of the American Libraries Direct e-newsletter for the American Library Association. He has been with American Libraries magazine since 1996. From 1980 to 1990 he was editor of College and Research Libraries News, the news magazine of ALA’s Association of College and Research Libraries. Eberhart holds an MLS from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University.

"It’s always nice when you have a secret bright idea and never do anything about it and then see someone you know and respect doing something totally awesome with it ... I’d always liked the idea of doing a librarian’s book of lists. And now George Eberhart – also the author of The Guide to Cryptozoology – has done just that!"
--Jessamyn West,

"Filled with library trivia, history, and information, this is an enjoyable read for anyone who loves libraries."
--Reference & Research Book News

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