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Library Technology Reports, Gaming and Libraries: Three-Issue Set
Jenny Levine
Item Number: 8425-4355
Publisher: ALA TechSource
Price: $64.50
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80 pages; 42 pages; 35 pages
8.5" x 11"
Year Published: 2006-2009

Save 50% off the retail price when you purchase this set of three Gaming and Libraries issues of Library Technology Reports. The ALA Member discount will not be applied to this specially priced set.

This special set includes Gaming and Libraries: “Intersection of Services” (2006), “Broadening the Intersections” (2008), and “Learning Lessons from the Intersections” (2009.) Throughout each issue, Jenny Levine gives a clear picture of how librarians can reap positive gains by proactively, creatively, and affordably integrating gaming into the services and programs already offered at libraries. She uses numerous, detailed examples from public, school, and academic libraries.

Topics Covered in “Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services” (v42:5 - 2006) Include:
  • Why Gaming?
  • The Gaming Generation
  • Gaming Setups Common in Libraries
  • Case Studies: School Libraries
  • Case Studies: Academic Libraries
  • Case Studies: Public Libraries
  • Future Intersections
  • Conclusion What Librarians Can Learn from Gamers
  • Bibliography and Resources

Topics Covered in “Gaming and Libraries Update: Broadening the Intersections” (v44:3 - 2008) Include:
  • Broadening Our Definition of Gaming: Tabletop Games
  • Broadening Our Definition of Gaming: Big Games
  • Broadening the Audience for Gaming in Libraries
  • Broadening Gaming Services in Libraries
  • Looking to the Future
  • Board Game Recommendations
  • Contact Information for Case Studies

Topics Covered in “Gaming & Libraries: Learning Lessons from the Intersections” (v45:5 - 2009) Include:
  • The benefits of social gaming
  • How gaming can transform libraries and communities
  • The link between videogames and civic engagement
  • Using gaming to help your library reconnect with twenty-and thirty-somethings
  • Political preparedness and communication for library gaming programs
  • Using gaming for fundraising

About the Author

Jenny Levine is the Internet development specialist and strategy guide for the American Library Association’s information technology department. She earned her MLIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992 and has been an eminent technology training evangelist for librarians during her career. Levine is a keen advocate for gaming services and libraries, as she is a gamer and has witnessed, through personal observation and study, how gaming services can help members of several generations (particularly younger users) feel connected to the library. She has written two Library Technology Reports on this topic; has organized two ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries symposia; and helps coordinate ALA’s National Gaming in Libraries Day each November. Levine also writes about gaming and libraries on a regular basis on her popular blog, The Shifted Librarian. She began the first librarian blog, The Librarians’ Site du Jour, in 1995.

About Library Technology Reports

Published by ALA TechSource, Library Technology Reports helps librarians make informed decisions about technology products and projects. Library Technology Reports publishes eight issues annually and provides thorough overviews of current technology. Reports are authored by experts in the field and may address the application of technology to library services, offer evaluative descriptions of specific products or product classes, or cover emerging technology. Find out more information on this publication and how you can subscribe here.


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