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Going Live: Starting and Running a Virtual Reference Service
Steve Coffman; Contributions from Michelle Fiander, Kay Henshall, Bernie Sloan
Item Number: 978-0-8389-0850-1
Publisher: ALA Editions
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192 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0850-1
Year Published: 2003
If your customers don't sleep, why should your reference service? Online library reference services available 24/7 are offered in a growing number of institutions. With many models to choose from and more details to be worked out, it is a critical time for librarians to assess their patrons' needs and market their services to address these needs.

Collecting and documenting what thousands of virtual reference librarians have learned over the past few years, this comprehensive guide provides a needed overview to help new and aspiring virtual reference library departments—and their directors and administrators, reference librarians, and project managers—to understand the entire process and its ramifications. Here are the basics of designing, implementing, operating, and marketing a virtual reference service from the ground up.

In a text supplemented with checklists so no key element is forgotten, this reference offers the real-world answers from leading experts to the most common questions:
  • Where has Web-based library reference come from and where is it going?
  • What is the best digital reference software to address specific needs?
  • Who should staff the virtual reference desktop? How do they get hired and trained?
  • When and how does a library market such a radical new service?
  • Why are evaluations and system enhancements critical to the future of digital reference?
With a look into the costs, and a look into the future, supplemented with the most comprehensive bibliography available on the topic, Going Live is a one-stop resource for getting started in digital reference services.
Table of Contents


Chapter 1:    Reference: The First One Hundred Years
Chapter 2:    Getting Started: Designing Virtual Reference Systems
Chapter 3:    Managing Virtual Reference Services
Chapter 4:    Marketing Virtual Reference Services
Chapter 5:    Where Do We Go from Here?
   A: Software Feature Checklist
   B: Sample Pre-employment Screening Test and Key
Virtual Reference Services Bibliography
   by Bernie Sloan

About the Author
Steve Coffman is the Vice President for Product Development with LSSI (Library Systems and Services Inc.), a feisty band of librarians that provide professional library services to a wide variety of institutions including the Office of Veterans Affairs, Washington DC; Riverside County Library, Riverside, CA; Lancaster Library, Lancaster TX, Calabasas Library, Calabasas, CA; Hemet Library, Hemet, CA; Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA, and many more.

Steve currently oversees the development of virtual reference services at LSSI including LSSI VRToolKit software, LSSI 24x7 Web Reference Center, and a variety of other products and services designed to help libraries move their reference services online. Steve is one of the pioneers of the virtual reference movement and in his work at LSSI, he has helped thousands of libraries around the world to move their reference services to the Web.

Prior to coming to LSSI, Steve spent the past 15 years in an institution—the County of Los Angeles Public Library—where he was the Director of FYI, the County's Business Research Service.

Steve regularly gets himself into trouble by writing articles for the library trades, the most infamous of which include "What If You Ran Your Library Like a Bookstore?" "Building Earth's Largest Library," "Reference As Others Do It," "A Now a Word from Our Sponsor," "The Librarian and Mr. Jeeves," "Distance Education and Virtual Reference: Where Are We Headed," "Resolved: Reference Librarians Are Toast," and most recently "What's Wrong with Collaborative Digital Reference" which appeared in the December 2002 issue of American Libraries.

Steve has his MLS from UCLA. And he lives with his wife, Susan, and his daughter, Kirsten—along with a bunch of deer, groundhogs, possums and other varmints deep in the wilds of Maryland.

Michelle Fiander has an MLS and MA in Literature from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, her home town. After a Librarian Internship at the Kellogg Health Sciences Library, Dalhousie University, she took a position as Cataloger and Reference Librarian at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. Two years later she accepted a position at IUPUI (Indianapolis University Purdue University, Indianapolis) as a Cataloger and Reference Librarian. During her three years there, Michelle moved more towards reference work and became interested in virtual reference services and technology. This interest culminated in a decision to move from the academic library arena to a position with LSSI where she developed and currently manages the Web Reference Center.

Kay Henshall is currently the Chief Trainer for the Virtual Reference ToolKit at LSSI. She provides training workshops in virtual reference, including the development of the materials and curriculum, to public, academic and special libraries all over the world. Over the past several years, Kay has trained several thousand virtual reference librarians in more than one hundred virtual reference projects. Her experience has provided her with an unparalleled opportunity to see how all kinds of libraries are incorporating live virtual reference into their array of services.

Before joining the LSSI team, Kay was a reference librarian and the QandAcafe (Live Virtual Reference Project) Program Coordinator for the Peninsula, Silicon Valley, Bay Area and Monterey County Library Systems in Northern California. Kay has also held positions at the Stanford University Art and Architecture Library, and DNAX Research Institute Library, in San Jose, CA.

Kay's past experiences have also helped prepare her well for the service oriented, multi-tasking world of virtual reference. She has years of experience in customer service as a flight attendant, has fielded many calls at all hours of the day and night at the Santa Cruz County 911 center, and has coached volleyball at the community college level.

Bernie Sloan has studied electronic reference services for nearly five years, first with e-mail reference services, and then with live chat-based reference services. He has published several articles on digital reference services. One of these articles (Electronic Reference Services: Some Suggested Guidelines, Reference and User Services Quarterly 38:77–81, Summer 1998) is being used by the Standards & Guidelines Committee of ALA's Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) as a basis for developing formal guidelines for the support of digital reference services. He also maintains a bibliography on digital reference services at Bernie began his professional career as a reference librarian in public libraries and cooperative library systems. More recently, he served as the evaluation consultant for the "Ready for Reference" project, a live 24/7 reference service pilot offered by eight libraries in the Alliance Library System in Illinois.

Bernie Sloan is also a doctoral student in the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science. He also has 25 years of experience with large-scale applications of information technology in libraries. He was instrumental in the development of the Illinois Library Computer Systems Organization (ILCSO), serving as its first executive director. He has played a major role in the development of several large-scale collaborative projects, including ILLINET Online (an integrated library system that supports local library activities and resource sharing for 44 college and university libraries in Illinois), and the Illinois Digital Academic Library (a project that provides access to full text and digitized resources to the faculty and students of 150 Illinois colleges and universities).
“...includes an overview of many questions that need to be answered when providing real-time, online reference service.”

“...explains how to design, implement, operate, and market the service.”
—American Libraries

“The chapters cover what librarians will need to know to design, manage, market, and evaluate such would not go wrong with this one.”
—Library Journal

“Going Live: Starting & Running a Virtual Reference Service Coffman explains how to design, implement, operate, and market the service and also includes handy checklists. If the patrons aren’t coming into the library, virtual reference is one way to take the library to them.”
—American Libraries

“This book will help one anticipate what’s on the road ahead and avoid the dangerous curves...easy-to-read volume...I would recommend Going Live for anyone undertaking a virtual reference project...With this book and information from other perspectives, a smooth journey to “going live” is almost certain.”
—Reference & User Services Quarterly

"...provides an overview to help new and aspiring virtual reference library departments to understand the process and its ramifications.”
—Computers in Libraries