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Design Talk
Brenda Reeb
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8502-1
Publisher: ACRL
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212 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-8502-1
Year Published: 2008
AP Categories: P, I, J

ACRL announces the publication of Design Talk: Understanding the Roles of Usability Practitioners, Web Designers, and Web Developers in User-centered Web Design by Brenda Reeb (University of Rochester). While many books on website development and design exist, few address the interaction among the various roles involved. This book brings together and differentiates the scope of responsibilities and activities of usability practitioners and web designers. These roles are often confused and/or conflated and Design Talk seeks to shed light on the very important reasons for the separateness of these roles and activities. Included in the volume are descriptions of and instructions for conducting different types of usability tests and discussion of web design issues.

Design Talk presents an alternative to “web design by committee” and is suitable for people with a vested interest in web content, including reference librarians, usability practitioners, and web designers. Library administrators who want to create clearer lines of authority among staff who participate in the web design process will also find the book useful.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Roles, responsibilities, and artifacts
Chapter 2 Usability practitioners and usability testing methods
Chapter 3 Web designers and visual attributes of websites
Chapter 4 Web developers and web applications
Chapter 5 Build a program that supports user-centered design
About the Author

Brenda Reeb is director of the Business & Government Information Library at the University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries. In addition to her work as a business subject librarian, she began practicing usability testing methods in 2001 at the University of Rochester. Her usability experience includes developing web applications for academic and public libraries, commercial vendors, and nonprofit organizations. She has worked with undergraduate students, adults, and children. She speaks regionally and nationally on user-centered design and usability testing on library digital projects. She received a master of science degree from Simmons College in 1991.