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Implementing for Results: Your Strategic Plan in Action
Sandra Nelson for the Public Library Association (PLA)
Item Number: 978-0-8389-3579-8
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $72.00
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256 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-3579-8
Year Published: 2009
AP Categories: A, C

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For nearly two decades, the Public Library Association’s Results Series has been the definitive resource for practical everyday management. This latest addition to the series offers:

  • Tips to help determine which activities effectively support goals and objectives
  • Fourteen easy to follow tasks, presented in order
  • The tools needed for staff to prepare and effectively communicate change
  • All the necessary tools for reviewing current and potential library activities

  • After the time and effort spent developing your strategic plan, take the next step with this must-have book.
    Table of Contents

      Figures                                                                                                 v

                                 Instructions and Workforms                                     vii

                                 Acknowledgments                                                    ix

                                 Introduction                                                             1

    Every Library Has Some Sort of Plan                                                    3

    Wired for the Future                                                                             3

    Other Uses for This Book                                                                     4

    Some Basic Definitions                                                                         5

    Using the Materials in This Book Effectively                                          6

    Chapter 1             Results Require Resources                                       13

    Resource Allocation Issues                                                                   14

    It All Comes Back to Making Decisions                                                26

    Chapter 2             Managing Your Library’s Staff                                 29

    Considering Staff as a Resource                                                            30

    Collecting Data                                                                                     31

    Issues to Consider When Making Staffing Decisions                              34

    Interpreting and Deciding                                                                      56

    Workforms S1–S18                                                                             59

    Chapter 3             Managing Your Library’s Collections                        111

    Considering Collections as a Resource                                                  112

    Collecting Data                                                                                     114

    Issues to Consider When Making Collections

    Decisions                                                                                              116

    Interpreting and Deciding                                                                      141

    Workforms C1–C17                                                                            143

    Chapter 4             Managing Your Library’s Facilities                           193

    Considering Facilities as a Resource                                                      194

    Collecting Data                                                                                     196

    Issues to Consider When Making Facilities Decisions                            198

    Interpreting and Deciding                                                                      213

    Workforms F1–F6                                                                               215

    Chapter 5             Managing Your Library’s Technology                       232

    Considering Technology as a Resource                                                 233

    Collecting Data                                                                                     234

    Issues to Consider When Making

    Technology Decisions                                                                           237

    Interpreting and Deciding                                                                      248

    Workforms T1–T15                                                                             250


    A                          Activities for This Planning Cycle                              299

    B                          Gap Analysis                                                            300

    C                          Analyzing Numeric Data                                           301

    D                          Library Scan                                                            303

    E                          Current Resource Allocation Chart                           304

    F                          In-Library Use of Materials                                      305

    G                          Document Delivery                                                   318

    H                          Materials Availability Measures                                323

                                 Index                                                                       359

    About the Author

    Sandra Nelson is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and writer specializing in public library planning and management issues. During her career, Nelson has worked in both large and small public libraries and in state library agencies. She also chaired the Public Library Association committee that developed numerous PLA Planning Process publications.

    “… an excellent guide to continue from the planning to the implementation stage.”
    --ARBA Online

    "The guide presents an easy-to-understand, stepby- step process, to take anyone who is involved in strategic planning from the completion of the plan to implementation. It covers all bases well and provides numerous examples of illustrative forms and a comprehensive appendix of extra forms to help the reader work through the entire process. Although aimed at public libraries, it would be useful to any library wanting to ensure the success of a strategic plan. Certainly I will be coming back to it when involved in this process in future."
    --Australian Library Journal

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