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Summer Reading Program Fun: 10 Thrilling, Inspiring, Wacky Board Games for Kids
Wayne L. Johnson and Yvette C. Johnson
Item Number: 978-0-8389-0755-9
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $36.00
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Approx. 120 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0755-9
Year Published: 1999
Make child’s play of your summer reading program planning!

Planning a library summer reading program may not always be fun, but it certainly should be. Summer Reading Program Fun: 10 Thrilling, Inspiring, Wacky Board Games for Kids helps with an innovative approach your kids will love. With brief background on running games, clear instructions, and ready-to-use graphics, you will save planning time and create excitement in your library. Field-tested for fun, these games target kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. Choose one game to plan your summer reading program around. Try them all, and you have ten years of programming!

We live in a time where many different media are competing for our kids’ attention. Against the sensory explosion of television, videos, multimedia CD-ROMs, and music, books all too often lose out. Wayne Johnson, creator of these games, and his wife Yvette Johnson, a long-time children’s librarian, believe that fun comes first when designing summer reading programs.

Games like The Quest for the Golden Unicorns, The White Tiger of Kalimar, and Highway to the Stars are sure to keep your parking lot full and your circulation computers humming, just as they do in the Johnsons’ library.

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Part 1
Planning the Games
Chapter 1 Elements of the Games
Chapter 2 Resources for the Project
Chapter 3 How to Use the Materials
Part 2
Game Instructions and Graphics
Game 1 The Haunted Mansion
Game 2 Read-errific Runaround
Game 3 The Quest for the Golden Unicorns
Game 4 The Lost City of the Aztecs
Game 5 The Monster Bash
Game 6 The White Tiger of Kalimar
Game 7 The Case of the Baker Street Baker
Game 8 Highway to the Stars
Game 9 List in Time
Game 10 The Lost Library of Atlantis
Appendix A Scheduling Your Program
Appendix B Designing Your Own Game
Appendix C Suggestions for Game Board Construction
About the Author
Wayne Johnson has designed the Summer Reading programs at Glenview (Ill.) Public Library for the past fifteen years. His published work includes photographs, magazine articles, movie and book reviews—as well as the first critical study of the science fiction writer Ray Bradbury. A native of Oak Park, Illinois, Wayne’s background includes coconut rehabilitation in the Western Pacific as a Peace Corps volunteer and advertising copywriting for large commercial catalogs.

Yvette Johnson has been head of youth services at the Glenview (Ill.) Public Library for 20 years. She has contributed articles to Journal of Youth Services and Illinois Libraries, and a chapter in the ALA Editions book Youth Services Librarians as Managers. She has served on the Board of the Illinois Library Association and was head of the Task Force that revised standards for youth services in Illinois public libraries (1993). She received her M.S.L.S. degree from Dominican University (Rosary College) in 1978.
“The authors of this book together have over 365 years' experience in public libraries and in particular youth services. The ideas presented in the book are simple and easily adapted to help a library service continue to provide holiday activity fun which fosters a lifelong love of reading.”

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