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Assessing Student Learning Outcomes for Information Literacy Instruction in Academic Libraries
Elizabeth Fuselar Avery (Editor)
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8261-7
Publisher: ACRL
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308 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-8261-7
Year Published: 2003
Well done assessment is essential to documenting the effects of information literacy programs and the degree to which they are meeting their objectives. The assessment process can also assist anyone involved in information literacy instruction by getting them actively involved in the process and engaged in classroom activities, by giving them feedback about students’ thinking and learning, and by helping them focus on goals and objectives of the course. This book gives librarians the tools needed to create baseline data that will support the merits of information literacy programs in their institutions. Methods and skills that have been used to carry out effective assessment programs are illustrated including deciding what is to be learned from the program, establishing learning outcomes, data analysis, consideration of costs, and involvement of faculty.
Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Assessing Information Literacy Instruction
Elizabeth Fuseler Avery

Chapter 2. Planning for Assessment
Gabriela Sonntag and Yvonne Meulemans

Chapter 3. Selecting and Developing Assessment Tools
Bonnie Gratch-Lindauer

Chapter 4. Analyzing Data
Cynthia H. Comer

Chapter 5. Reporting Results
Cynthia H. Comer

Chapter 6. First Year Experience Research Skills Survey
Alison Armstrong

Chapter 7. Information Competency as Historian’s Craft
Michael Barrett

Chapter 8. Assessing Liberal Arts Classes
Lori E. Buchanan

Chapter 9. Assessing Student Learning Outcomes: Training Academic Librarians
Barbara Burd

Chapter 10. Assessing Student Learning in Sociology
Cynthia H. Comer

Chapter 11. Information Literacy Assessment Tool
Jennifer Dorner

Chapter 12. Midlands Technical College: Information Literacy Assessment Project
Catherine Eckman

Chapter 13. Information Literacy Assessment at a Small Commuter Campus
Janet Feldmann

Chapter 14. Assessing Student Learning for Information Literacy in a Core Business Class
Ann Fiegen and Bennett Cherry

Chapter 15. Using Rubrics to Assess Information Literacy Attainment in a Community College Education Class
Dana Franks

Chapter 16. Assessing Information Literacy in an English Composition Class
Marcia Freyman

Chapter 17. Webliography Assignment for Lifetime Wellness Class
Nancy Gauss and Kathleen Kinkema

Chapter 18. Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in Political Science Classes
Elizabeth O. Hutchins

Chapter 19. Montana State University: Information Literacy Assessment Project
Ken Kempcke

Chapter 20. Institutionalizing a Graduation Requirement
Andy Kivel

Chapter 21. Assessing Student Learning through the Analysis of Research Papers
Lorrie A. Knight

Chapter 22. Information Literacy in Community College Communications Courses
Barbara Kobritz

Chapter 23. Integrated Information Literacy Impact Study
Patrick McCarthy and Gregory Heald

Chapter 24. Assessing Information Literacy in Community College Human Services Courses
Robert Schroeder

Chapter 25. Assessment of Student Learning in ENGL 101 Composition
Risë L. Smith

Chapter 26. Information Literacy Assessment for Introduction to Music Course
Ann Viles

Chapter 27. Assessing Abilities of Freshman to Reconcile New Knowledge with Prior Knowledge
Marjorie M. Warmkessel

Chapter 28. Past Lives: An Exercise in Historical Research with an Annotated Bibliography Requirement
Clay Williams and Anita Ondrusek

Chapter 29. Ethnography and Information Literacy: An Assessment Project
Steve Witt and Rebecca Gearhart

Appendix 1. Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

About the Authors
About the Author

Most academic librarians should find at least one example in this book that will cause them to say, "I could do that at my institution!"—C&RL