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Managing Facilities for Results: Optimizing Space for Services
Cheryl Bryan
Item Number: 978-0-8389-0934-8
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $67.00
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272 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0934-8
Year Published: 2007
Carving out new service areas within existing space, forgoing massive additions or expensive new buildings, offers a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious libraries. Building from the proven Results Series model, this volume dovetails with the basics outlined in The New Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach.

This new hands-on workbook in the Results Series guides library directors, staff, and boards through the process to
  • Prioritize new services that need space
  • Make plans and identify an appropriate location
  • Present the case to funding authorities
  • Conduct a “gap analysis”
  • Find resources to reallocate and see what new items are needed
  • Identify building professionals to assist with alterations
It’s supplemented with 23 workforms to support the information and collection process. Three toolkits provide technical assistance on calculating square footage, assessing the message, and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

With examples ranging from small to large small public libraries, the process is equally valuable for school, special, and academic librarians who are faced with similar space repurposing challenges. Any library can embrace these practical, proven techniques for addressing community needs -- by creating a blueprint that prioritizes services and creates the space for them within their existing facility.
Table of Contents

List of Figures
Chapter 1    Project Definition and Planning
Chapter 2    Committee Orientation and Data Collection Orga¬nization
Chapter 3    Resources Required and Allocated to Support the Activity
Chapter 4    Gap Analysis and Recommendations
Chapter 5    Prepare Recommendations and Present Reports
Tool Kits
A    Calculating Square Footage
B    Assessing Your Library’s Physical Message
C    Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements
1    Facility Projects
2    Project Priorities
3    Preliminary Task List and Timeline
4    Need for Outside Experts
5    Facility Resources—Data Elements
6    Project Description—General
7    Project Description—Physical Plant, Space, and Spatial Relationships
8    Need—Furniture and Equipment
9    Have—Furniture and Equipment
10    Need—Shelving
11    Have—Shelving
12    Need—Physical Plant and Technology Support
13    Have—Physical Plant and Technology Support
14    Need—Access, Spatial Relationships, and Signage
15    Have—Access, Spatial Relationships, and Signage
16    Square Footage—Needed and Current
17    Gaps and Options
18    Considerations for Placement of the Activity
19    Expense Estimates for Options
20    Preliminary Project Time Estimates
21    Option Evaluation
22    Furniture and Equipment List
23    Cost Compilations
About the Author
Cheryl Bryan is currently assistant administrator for Consulting and Continuing Education at Southeastern Massachusetts Library System. A popular trainer, consultant and speaker, she has many decades of experience guiding librarians through long term planning, building programs, and major service changes.

The Public Library Association’s mission is to enhance the development and effectiveness of public library staff and public library services. Over the past seven years, PLA has supported a family of publications, ALA Editions’ Results Series, designed for library managers, staff, and boards to manage their libraries more effectively.
“This book is so well designed that it will be used over and over again. It is an exceptional resource that should be required reading for any librarian or administrator planning a renovation or move.”
--The Electronic Library

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