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Collection Management for Youth: Responding to the Needs of Learners
Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Jacqueline C. Mancall
Item Number: 978-0-8389-0894-5
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $43.00
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120 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0894-5
Year Published: 2005
It's no longer about just about having the "best" collection. As education shifts to a learner-centered environment, collection development must address the dynamic interplay between all stakeholders in the wider school community. Based on the latest educational theory and research, Hughes-Hassell and Mancall recommend a plan to operate school media centers in the midst of radical flux, while meeting students' information needs in a holistic context.

Connecting to the guidelines of Information Power, the premier learner-focused model for library media centers, Collection Management for Youth is grounded in educational theory to help connect the "whys" to the "hows". The authors pose a challenge to school library media specialists and supervisors, youth librarians in public libraries, and educators: Given these tools, are you willing to become learner-centered collection managers, to wear the hats of change agents, leaders, learners, and research guides?

This ground-breaking guide will help youth librarians:
  • Develop and manage collections that meet the changing needs of learners
  • Address a dynamic educational process and ever-changing resource base
  • Become an informed teacher and information guide
  • Tap into the school’s broadest learning community to build partnerships
Addressing both print and electronic information sources, this must-have manual is filled with eleven field-tested tools to encourage collaboration and help put the concepts to work.
Table of Contents

Figures v
Tables vii
Acknowledgments ix
The Library as a Place for Learning xi

part one
The Theoretical Foundation for Learner-Centered Collection Management 1

1 Changing Expectations and Models for Practice
Change 1: The Pardigm Shift in Education 3
Change 2: The Proliferating Body and Nature of Information 5
Change 3: Evolving Models of Collection Management 6

2 Collector Behaviors
Resource Guide 11
Change Agent 13
Leader 13
Learner 13

part two
Strategies for Learner-Centered Collection Management 17

3 Policy as the Foundation for the Collection
Basic Elements of Policy 19
Learner-Centered Elements of Policy 20
The Collaborative Planning Process 22

4 Selecting Resources for Learning
Understanding the Context 35
Understanding the World of Resources 43
Understanding the Resources in the Community 48

5 Budgeting for Maximum Impact on Learning
Sources of Income 53
Basic Budget Models 54
A Budget Model for a Learner-Centered Environment 57
Emerging Considerations 64

6 Collaboration from a Planning Perspective
What Makes Collaboration Work? 67
What Are Communities of Practice? 68
What Format of Plans Will Be Most Persuasive? 69
Action Steps in the Collaborative LCCD Process 69

part three
Tools for Learner-Centered Collection Management 77

1 Stakeholder Contact/SWOT Analysis 79
2 Identifying Resources in Your Community 81
3 Identifying Learner Characteristics 83
4 Preparing a Strategic Learner-Centered Vision and
Collection Goals 85
5 Learner-Centered Policy Critique 87
6 Decision-Making Model for Selecting Resources and
Access Points That Support Learning 89
7 Matrix for Gathering Data about the Curriculum 91
8 Collection Development Analysis Worksheet 93
9 Identifying Funding Sources in Your Community 95
10 Budget-Justification Plan 97
11 Checklist for Planning LCCD Promotional Efforts 99

Index 101

About the Author
Sandra Hughes-Hassell, PhD, former director of the Philadelphia Library Power Project, is associate professor in the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University. Her books include The Information-Powered School and Curriculum and Instruction through the Library. She holds a master’s in education from James Madison University and PhD in library and information science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jacqueline C. Mancall, PhD, is professor in the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University. A popular speaker and prolific writer/researcher, she served as past president of American Association of School Librarians and received the AASL Distinguished Service Award in 2001. She holds a PhD in Library and Information Science from Drexel University.

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