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Leading Kids to Books through PUPPETS
Caroline Feller Bauer
Item Number: 978-0-8389-0706-1
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $36.00
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144 pages
5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0706-1
Year Published: 1997
With a simple envelope, or a paper cup, even a cereal box, you too can lead kids to literature through puppetry. Best-selling author Caroline Feller Bauer returns with more creative techniques to turn kids on to reading and storytelling through simple visual presentations and short, stimulating literary selections.

In Leading Kids to Books Through Puppets, the celebrated Bauer style once again means maximum fun for kids with minimum training, preparation, and cost. Bauer selects lively short stories, poems, and plays to perform and offers scores of recommended books for further reading. With easy step-by-step instructions, she demonstrates how to create puppets from catalogs, sticks, your own feet, animal crackers, shadows, and much more. She even outlines ideas for setting up a puppet stage.

Complementing Bauer’s expert detail are the delightful illustrations of series artist Richard Laurent, whose whimsical work brings these puppets and props to life.
    Puppets—Any Way, Anywhere, Anytime
    The Puppet Stage
    Using Any Type of Puppet for a Theme
      A Scary Story, But Not Too Scary
      A Dictionary Opener
    Stuffed Animals as Puppets
      The Teddy Bear
      Dog and Cat Presentations
      Animal Sounds
    Catalog Puppets
    Partner Puppets for Riddlers
      Paper Mouth Puppets
    Paper Puppet Portraits
      Biographical Sketches: Tell a Life
    Paper-Cup Puppets
      Sample Book Breaks
    Stick Puppets
      Donkey Plays
      Caribbean Capers
    Feet Puppets: Walks
    Simple String Puppets
    Cereal Box Theater with String Puppets
    Animal Cracker Puppets
    Fish Marionettes
    Pocket Puppets
    Shadow Puppets
      Shadow Play
      Moon Tale
    Puppetry Resource

About the Author
Caroline Feller Bauer traveled the world, lecturing in over sixty countries, and was well known for her lively show-and-tell lectures to children, parents, and professionals featuring creative ideas for bringing children and books together. A member of the Puppeteers of America and the Miami Puppet Guild, she was the recipient of many awards. She authored the classic Caroline Feller Bauer’s New Handbook for Storytellers and 18 other books for children and adults.
“Puppets can be fun, and this book readily leads one into puppetry with children—even when there are no puppets... This book shows that, through the use of any material, once can lead children to literature through puppetry.”

“Even the most reluctant performer will be encouraged by this practical, concise, easy-to-use book.”
—School Library Journal

“Bauer has opened up a whole new field to be explored by amateurs and professionals to interest children in literature.”
—Church & Synagogue Libraries

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