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Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning
Item Number: 978-0-8389-3470-8
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $43.00
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224 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-3470-8
Year Published: 1998
Since its publication in June 1998, Information Power has become the most talked about book in the school library world! It includes the standards that will help students become skillful producers and consumers of information along with the guidelines and principles that lead to dynamic, student-centered programs. The book’s underlying concepts will guide you in:
  • helping students flourish in a learning community not limited by time, place, age, occupation, or disciplinary borders;
  • joining teachers and others to identify links in student information needs, curricular content, learning outcomes, and a variety of print and nonprint resources;
  • designing authentic learning tasks and assessments; and
  • defining your role in student learning.

Table of Contents

Part One
Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning
1 The Vision
2 Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning

Part Two
Building Partnerships for Learning
3 Collaboration, Leadership, and Technology
4 Learning and Teaching
5 Information Access and Delivery
6 Program Administration
7 Connections to the Learning Community

A Library Power
B ICONnect
C Statements and Policies
  • ALA Library Bill of Rights
  • ALA Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Program
  • ALA Confidentiality of Library Records
  • ALA The Freedom to Read
  • ALA Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks
  • AECT Code of Ethics
  • AECT Statement on Intellectual Freedom
D NSSE Schoolwide Goals for Student Learning
E Student Performance Assessment
F Contributors

“All professionals will want to own a copy of the latest Information Power to read, debate, and share with colleagues.”
—School Library Journal

“This powerful publication must be in every school library media center and should be in the hands of every school administrator.”

“This outstanding publication gives us a blueprint for moving the emphasis for school libraries from simply providing resources to creating a community of lifelong learners.”
—Media Matters

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