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Process and Information Practice for Information Systems
Christine Urquhart, Faten Hamad, Dina Tbaishat and Alison Yeoman
Item Number: 978-1-78330-241-3
Publisher: Facet Publishing, UK
Price: $89.00
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288 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 9781856048248
Year Published: 2017

This title will be available Winter 2017. You may place an order and the item will be shipped when it becomes available.
This collection adopts a holistic interpretation of information architecture to offer libraries and information professionals a variety of methods, tools, and techniques that may be used when designing websites and information systems that support workflows. Featuring an international lineup of contributors, with case studies that cover a wide variety of settings, this book
  • discusses research and methods that help libraries and information services use strategic business objectives as a foundation for organizing processes;
  • shows how to support information management functions;
  • opens a new area of research/investigation on the link between information behavior research and information systems and architecture; and
  • uses introductory sections and chapter commentary from the editors to draw the discussions together.

Table of Contents

List of tables and figures

Notes on contributors

1. Introduction – Christine Urquhart

2. Approaches to information architecture – Faten Hamad

3. Taxonomy testing for information architecture – Christine Urquhart

4. The enterprise website and its information structures – Sally Burford

5. Analysing activities, roles and processes – Christine Urquhart and Dina Tbaishat

6. Libraries and organization of library processes – history of operational research, and use of process modelling – Dina Tbaishat

7. Using RIVA process modelling to study book acquisition in academic libraries – Dina Tbaishat

8. Workflow analysis and process mapping in US academic libraries – Christine Urquhart

9. A Theoretical framework for designing and evaluating semi-structured document triage interfaces – Fernando Loizides and Aekaterini Mavri

10. Resource discovery case studies – Karen Colbron and Christine Urquhart

11. Increasing social connection through a Community of Practice inspired design – Catherine M. Burns and Adam Euerby

12. Methods for studying information provision, networking and communication in patient support groups – Cristina Vasilica and Paula Ormandy

13. Health information systems: clinical data capture and document architecture – Faten Hamad

14. Producing systematic reviews and getting evidence to the clinician – Faten Hamad


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