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Sex, Brains, and Video Games, Second Edition: Information and Inspiration for Youth Services Librarians—eEditions e-book
Jennifer Burek Pierce
Item Number: 7400-5486
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $46.00
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240 pages
Year Published: 2017

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How do we break through and truly reach our young adult patrons? It begins with understanding them. Librarians who work with teens need information and a big-picture perspective on adolescence that reflects the latest knowledge of cognate fields and the contemporary realities of young people’s lives. In this greatly revised and updated edition of her popular guide Burek Pierce provides exactly that, selecting and synthesizing emerging information from multiple fields of research to effectively support librarians’ work with teens. Far-reaching but pragmatic, this book
  • discusses such important topics as identity and community, sex and sexualities, what experts can tell us about the adolescent brain, and how teens use technology to mediate the world;
  • replaces outdated developmental theories that have been discarded in their home fields but are still sometimes used in the LIS world;
  • looks at how to blend what research tells us about teens with day-to-day work in libraries;
  • reflects new norms of professional practice, such as the increased importance of community
  • engagement and partnerships, offering librarians a path towards cooperation and collaboration with peers outside the library world; and
  • includes a bibliography of essential reading for YA librarians.
Educators and practitioners, as well as students preparing to enter the field, will all benefit from this compact overview of contemporary research on adolescence.
Table of Contents


Chapter One    The New Adolescence
Chapter Two    Identity and Community
Chapter Three    Sex and Sexualities
Chapter Four    Changing Minds
Chapter Five    Mediating the World
Chapter Six    Working with Teens in Libraries
Appendix A    Leading and Managing Youth Services
Appendix B    Essential Reading for Young Adult Librarians
About the Author

Jennifer Burek Pierce
is associate professor in the School of Library & Information Science at the University of Iowa. Books, games, and toys for young people are of particular interest to her, as is the marketing of these materials. Her books include What Adolescents Ought to Know: Sexual Health Texts in Early 20th Century America (UMass Press, 2011) and the first edition of Sex, Brains, and Video Games: A Librarian’s Guide to Teens in the Twenty-First Century (ALA Editions, 2008). She developed the Youth Matters column for American Libraries and has also written for The Chronicle of Higher Education. She serves on the advisory board for the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, the University of Iowa’s center for community engagement.

”This resource is a good choice for those who serve teens, but who may not fully understand them."

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