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Academic Library Value: The Impact Starter Kit
Megan Oakleaf
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1592-9
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $62.00
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232 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 9780838915929
Year Published: 2018
AP Categories: A, I
It’s up to you to measure the value of your academic library and how it delivers on your institution’s goals. The question is how to do it efficiently and effectively. This resource from Megan Oakleaf, who wrote a benchmark 2010 ACRL report on library value, will help you apply value and impact concepts to your own library. It includes 52 activities designed as part of professional development workshops and in consultation with libraries. By using this book, you’ll learn how to identify your stakeholders, listen to them, take new approaches to addressing value, and ultimately position your library as an increasingly valued asset. The activities inside will guide you through such key issues as
  • stakeholder views of library servicescapes;
  • institutional communications audit;
  • assessment fears, challenges, and barriers;
  • impact on student retention;
  • involving the entire library organization; and
  • reporting the results.
This kit will help academic libraries measure their existing value while also identifying ways to increase their value in the context of their institutional missions.
Table of Contents

How to Use this Book

Activity #1: Institutional Focus Areas
Activity #2: Stakeholders as the Heart of the Institution
Activity #3: Stakeholder Role Play
Activity #4: Stakeholder Questions
Activity #5: Stakeholder Card Sort
Activity #6: Stakeholder Help Study
Activity #7: Stakeholder Views of Library Servicescapes
Activity #8: Institutional Communications Audit
Activity #9: Institutional Program Review & Accreditation Audit
Activity #10: Institutional Learning Outcomes Audit
Activity #11: Higher Education Assessment Initiatives Audit
Activity #12: Library Data Audit
Activity #13: Time Audit
Activity #14: Self Audit
Activity #15: Job Task Audit
Activity #16: Job Description Audit
Activity #17: Committee Audit
Activity #18: Management Audit
Activity #19: Skill Audit
Activity #20: Professional Development Plan
Activity #21: Planning for Organizational Change
Activity #22: Planning Timeline for Change
Activity #23: Assessment Questions for Prospective Library Hires
Activity #24: To Assess or Not to Assess?
Activity #25: Assessment Fears, Challenges, & Barriers
Activity #26: Library Impact Map
Activity #27: Present and Future Library Impact
Activity #28: Passive-to-Active Impact
Activity #29: Impact Vision Creation
Activity #30: Impact on Student Learning Outcomes
Activity #31: Impact on Student Retention
Activity #32: Impact on Faculty Productivity
Activity #33: Impact on Institutional Efficiency
Activity #34: Impact on Institutional Prestige & Brand
Activity #35: Thinking Impact Through
Activity #36: Keeping Impact Simple
Activity #37: Planning for Assessment
Activity #38: Gathering Library Impact Literature
Activity #39: Engaging the Assessment Cycle
Activity #40: Preparing a Continuous Assessment Timeline
Activity #41: Involving the Entire Library Organization
Activity #42: Approaching Institutional Research Collaborations
Activity #43: Approaching Human Subjects Research
Activity #44: Selecting Assessment Tools
Activity #45: Choosing Assessment or Research
Activity #46: Planning Partnerships
Activity #47: Considering Assessment Management Systems
Activity #48: Reporting Results
Activity #49: Managing the Message
Activity #50: Transforming Library Fact Sheets
Activity #51: Closing the Loop
Activity #52: Articulating the Institutional Value of the Library
About the Author

Megan Oakleaf is an Associate Professor in the Syracuse University iSchool. The author of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries Comprehensive Review and Report, she has published in several library and information science journals including College and Research Libraries, Portal, JASIST, and Journal of Documentation. She has presented at numerous conferences, including ALA, ACRL, AAC&U, and AALHE national conferences, the Library Assessment Conference, the IUPUI Assessment Institute, and EDUCAUSE. She won the 2011 Ilene Rockman Publication of the Year award, was included in the LIRT Top 20 Instruction Articles five times, earned Best Paper recognition at the 2007 EBLIP conference, and was awarded the 2014 Jeffrey Katzer Teacher of the Year award. Her research areas include library value, learning analytics, rubric assessment, and information literacy instruction.

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