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The Discovery Tool Cookbook: Recipes for Successful Lesson Plans
edited by Nancy Fawley and Nikki Krysak for ACRL
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8891-6
Publisher: ACRL
Price: $35.00
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152 pages
10.5” x 8.5”
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-8891-6
Year Published: 2016
AP Categories: P
The Discovery Tool Cookbook: Recipes for Successful Lesson Plans, edited by Nancy Fawley and Nikki Krysak, showcases tested lessons by librarians and practitioners for teaching information literacy using a discovery tool. The third volume in the successful ACRL Cookbook series features “recipes” sorted by lesson type and level of student preparedness, including all the information needed to replicate (or customize) each dish at your own institution. The IL Framework is infused in each of the 49 lessons, which suit a mix of abilities, learning outcomes, and patron types, including K-12 and ELL students, with options for flipping instruction to maximize learning outside of the classroom.

The Discovery Tool Cookbook is essential for all academic and school librarians wanting to create fun lesson plans that incorporate a discovery layer.
Table of Contents


1.    Starters
warm-up activities

Peer-reviewed Journals as Geek-out Message Boards: Using Analogies to Describe Publication Types
Dr. Smita Avasthi

Sampling the Menu: Exploring Search Results in Discovery Tools
 Natalie Burclaff

Hold The Onion Please: A Game Where Students Guess Which News Headlines Are Fake and Which Are Real
Amanda Gorrell
Taste Test: Can You Tell the Difference Between Library and Google Results?
Kirsten Hostetler

2.    The Larder
short activities to have on hand

What’s in Your Discovery Layer?: An Introduction to Format
Lisa Eggebraaten & Beth Twomey

Short Order Citations Relay
Jennifer Fuller & Catherine Gray

Goldilocks and the Three Searches: Learning the Judicious Use of Quotation Marks in Effective Searching
Katie Greer

Finding a Recipe by Ingredients
Olga Hart

Library Discovery and Draw
Kirsten Hostetler

Scavenging for Research Ingredients
Jessica Hronchek

Cooking Up Keywords
Grace Kaletski

When There’s No Time to Cook, but There’s a Guest at Your House, Keep Something in the Freezer You Can Pop in the Oven
Christina Riehman-Murphy

Using Discovery to Facilitate Source Awareness and Evaluation
Rachel Scott
3.    Tapas
group activities

Keywords to the Rescue: An Essential Side Dish to Spice Up Your Main Meal
Joshua Becker

Teaching Discovery Through Cooperative Learning: A Jigsaw Approach
Robert Farrell

Four Potluck Dishes and a Discovery Tool
Laura Graveline

Reduction Deduction:  Facets as a Key Ingredient to Searching Effectively in a Discovery Layer
Stephanie Graves & Sarah LeMire

Time-Limited Tapas
Rhiannon Jones

Discovery Tool Scavenger Hunt
Laura Nagel

Document Analysis with Holocaust Era Passports
Brantley Palmer & Rodney Obien

Discovery Tools, Fava Beans, and a Nice Chianti: Searching the Library's Catalog to  Locate Tantalizing Topics within the Collection
Jennifer Pate & Erica England

Finding the Right Ingredients: Using Discovery Layers to Find Different Types of Sources
Lorelei Rutledge & Sarah LeMire

Research Tool Tasting Menu Accompanied by Anonymous Wombats, Narwhals, and Nyan Cats: Using Collaborative Google Docs to Create Group Research Activities that Promote Exploration and Collaborative Inquiry   
Nancy Schuler

Cooking up Questions: Using Subject Specific Online Encyclopedia Articles in the Topic Refinement Process
Christy R. Stevens

UNIV 101 Appetizer
Patricia Watkins    
4.     Meal Plans
full lesson plans

Know your Research Game Plan!
Ashley Blinstrub

One Shot at Discovering Library Resources
Ruth M. Castillo

Word Cloud Search Sushi
Kierston Cox & James E. Scholz

Finding and Evaluating Sources: Ingredients for Discovery Tool Success
William Cuthbertson, Stephanie Evers & Brianne Markowski

Interactive Discovery: Puzzling Out Discovery Tool Essentials
William Cuthbertson, Stephanie Evers & Brianne Markowski

Library Quest: Hosting a Banquet Feast
Caleb Domsy & Aliya Dalfen

Tic-Tac-Toe and Discover
Christine Elliott

Interview Preparation Gumbo
Lateka Grays

Shopping for the Best Ingredients:  Resource Evaluation and Discovery Tool Searching
Alexandra Hamlett

A Balanced Plateful: The Pyramid of Evidence
Rebecca Hewitt

Discovering Connections:  A Gourmet Reading Map
Johanna MacKay & Barbara Norelli

Using Film as a Starting Point for Information Literacy Instruction
Ilona MacNamara

First-Year-Seminar Discovery Tool Casserole
Henri Mondschein

Discovering Inquiry Workshop
Mark Robison

A Case of the Research Munchies: Evaluating Which Resource Will Hit the Spot
Brandon West & Michelle Costello

5.    Regional Fare
lesson plans for international students, faculty, and K-12

Introducing Research Basics: History Day Programming for Local High Schools
Megan Allison

Subject Term Soup (with Vocabulary Garnish)
Emily Crist & Lauren Strachan
Wholesale Distribution
Amy Fyn
Is Greed Good? Using Research to Make Informed, Evidence-Based Decisions
Jeff Miller, Melissa Langridge & Bridget Doloresco

Cold and Spicy Call Number Soup with Noodle Salad: Serving Up a Banquet for International Students/English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners
Leila June Rod-Welch

Which Came First: The Whale or the Egg?
Dr. A.M. Salaz & Teresa MacGregor
6.    Room Service
flipping the classroom
Discovery Layers and the Flipped Classroom: Recipe for Success!
Cara Berg
Poutine à la Carte: Teaching Humanities Research to Graduate Students with a Discovery Tool
Éthel Gamache
Pricing the Ingredients
Tammy Ivins

About the Editors

Nikki Krysak
is the Library Director at St. Johnsbury Academy. She previously worked at Norwich University Kreitzberg Library where she was Head of Instructional Services. Krysak was a librarian in Doha, Qatar at Carnegie Mellon University and at Northwestern University. While there, Krysak held a leadership role in the Information Literacy Network for the Middle East Gulf Region, where she assisted in fostering the expansion of information literacy and lifelong learning skills in the Middle East. She played a key role in developing instructional programs at two American universities in the Middle East. She has served regional and national ACRL committees.

Nancy Fawley is the Director of Information and Instruction Services at the University of Vermont’s Bailey/Howe Library. She is currently responsible for leading a department of liaison librarians in the programs and services they provide to foster a climate of scholarly inquiry and student achievement. From 2004-2011, she served as Head of User Services and then Interim Library Director at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar where she initiated and developed integrated information literacy instruction for second-language learners with little prior knowledge of libraries. She has also worked at The University of Alabama and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

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