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Advanced eCourse: Intro to Computer Programming
Steve Perry
Item Number: 1541-9173
Publisher: ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions
Price: $500.00
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This eCourse is now closed. We plan on offering the eCourse again soon. If you’d like to an email alert when we schedule the next session, please complete this form.

10-week Asynchronous Advanced eCourse beginning Tuesday, September 5, 2017
An ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions and SJSU iSchool Advanced eCourse facilitated by Steve Perry

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Estimated Hours of Learning: 60
Full participants earn the SJSU iSchool/ALA Publishing Advanced Certificate of Completion.

For today’s librarian, the ability to adapt to new technology is not optional. Programming—the process of using computer language to generate commands that instruct a computer to perform specific functions—is at the core of all computer technology. A foundation in programming helps you understand the inner workings of all of the technologies that drive libraries now—from integrated library systems to Web pages and databases.
In this new Advanced eCourse, you can go from having little to no programming knowledge to being familiar with coding in several different computer languages. Steve Perry—an experienced LIS instructor and programmer—will teach you in his lectures what you need to get started, and then the readings and exercises will give you practical programming experience, particularly as it relates to a library environment. Languages covered will include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and others. You do not need any programming experience or special software to participate in this eCourse.

Learning outcomes

Through your participation in this Advanced eCourse, you will:

  • Understand fundamental programming concepts
  • Be able to create and properly format a Web page
  • Make a Web page interactively change appearance
  • Create Web applications that store and retrieve data from a server
  • Develop a login page that allows secure access to your Web site

Participants who complete this Advanced eCourse will receive a SJSU iSchool/ALA Publishing Advanced Certificate of Completion. This certificate will affirm your status as having completed all the steps of an Advanced eCourse on Computer Programming and will provide proof of your participation that you can add to your resume.

Advanced eCourses—a new format in which faculty from the SJSU iSchool will help you dig deep into cutting-edge topics during 10-week online courses, equipping you with potentially transformative knowledge and skills, and taking you from introductory through high-level content.

eCourse Outline

Week-by-Week Course Outline:

      • Week 1: Basic Programming Concepts  
        • Thinking like a Programmer
        • Developing Clear Logical Steps
        • Programming Statements
          • Assigning Values to Variables
          • The IF statements
          • Basic Math
        • Assignment 1
      • Week 2: Loops
        • Loops based on number of times to iterate
        • Loops based on a detectable condition
        • Walking through an significant Looping Example
        • Assignment 2
      • Week 3: Functions
        • Using Functions
        • Creating Your Own Functions
        • Pass Data to/from a Function
        • Functions that process other Functions
        • Assignment 3
      • Week 4: Algorithm Development
        • Outlining the Main Logic
        • Developing the Steps
        • The Flow of Logic
        • Validating the Algorithm
        • Assignment 4
      • Week 5: Creating a Simple Web Application
        • Using the Practice Area
        • Finding and Using a Hosting Service
        • Structuring a Web page
          • HTML
          • CSS
          • Graphics
        • Adding Programming logic to a Web page
          • JavaScript
          • PHP
        • Web Site Design
          • Requirements and Detailed Specifications
          • Workflow and Navigation
        • Assignment 5
      • Week 6: Learning JavaScript
        • Including JavaScript in HTML
        • JavaScript Syntax
        • Introduction to Objects
        • Conditional Logic
        • Using Loops
        • Standard JavaScript Objects
        • Creating and Using Functions
        • Assignment 6
      • Week 7: Learning PHP
        • Using PHP script tags
        • Displaying HTML to your browser window
        • HTML forms
        • Getting data from HTML forms into PHP
        • Assigning values to variables
        • Appending Text
        • Doing Simple Math
        • Field Validations
        • Creating and Using Functions
        • Assignment 7
      • Week 8: Storing and Retrieving Information
        • The For Loop
        • The While loop
        • Opening and closing a file
        • Reading and Writing to a file
        • Appending Text
        • Finding text within other text
        • Dividing text up into substrings
        • Displaying a data from a file into an HTML table
        • Validating data entered by the user
        • Assignment 8
      • Week 9: More on Graphics and Formatting
        • Using Web Graphics Correctly
        • Formatting a Web page with CSS
        • Using CSS for Page Layout
        • Dynamic JavaScript
        • Using JavaScript to Change CSS Properties
        • Assignment 9
      • Week 10: Completing the Web Application
        • Log in with a user ID and password
        • Security Considerations
        • Testing and Validation
        • Using a Database vs. Using Text Files   
        • Assignment 10

Within the week-by-week format, you will be able to work at your own pace and interact with the instructor through emails and message boards without the constraints of attending a live session at a specific time.

How this eCourse Works

The eCourse begins on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Your participation will require approximately six hours a week, at times that fit your schedule. All activities take place on the website, and you will be expected to:

  • Read, listen to or view online content
  • Post to online discussion boards
  • Complete weekly assignments or activities

Instructor Steve Perry will monitor discussion boards regularly during the 11-week period, lead group discussions, and will also answer individual questions. All interaction will take place on the eCourse site, which will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's recommended that participants log into the site on the first day of class or within a few days for an overview of the content and to begin the first lesson.

User Requirements

Participants will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection for online message boards participation, viewing online video, listening to streaming audio (mp3 files), and downloading and viewing PDFs and PowerPoint files. ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions eCourses are fully compatible with Windows and MacOs.

At Your Service

Accommodations are offered based on user needs. For transcription or other accessibility requests, please contact us at

About the Instructor

Steve Perry has been teaching computer science-related college courses for 20 years, specifically Java, PHP, AJAX, Perl, SQL, MySQL, HTML CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Oracle, Database Design and Management, and PowerBuilder. He received his Master’s degree in Education from the University of Phoenix (specializing in Adult Education and Online Training) and his BA in Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology. Steve also has over 24 years of experience as an applications, systems analyst, and project leader.


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