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How Do Dinosaurs... Poster
Item Number: 5020-1623
Publisher: ALA Graphics
Price: $18.00
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How DO dinosaurs explore the library? Do they have fun? Play games? Join in on story time? Of course they do! Just like kids, dinosaurs love the library. And sometimes it’s more fun to look towards dinosaurs for how they “do” things to get ideas for how you can too. Featuring original artwork from illustrator Mark Teague and based on the How Do Dinosaurs series comes a brilliant way to show kids how they can explore the library. This fun poster and bookmark can also be used as a learning tool to teach children the names of the featured dinosaurs! Look out for How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?, releasing March 2016. Special thanks to Mark Teague and Blue Sky Press/Scholastic Inc.

22" x 34"

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