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Advanced eCourse: Library Technology for the Low-Tech Librarian
Timothy J. Dickey
Item Number: 1541-9104
Publisher: ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions
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Asynchronous eCourse beginning January 19, 2016 and continuing for 12 weeks
An ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions eCourse facilitated by Timothy J. Dickey

Estimated Hours of Learning: 72
Full participants earn the SJSU iSchool/ALA Publishing Advanced Certificate of Completion.

In twelve weeks, professor and library technologist Timothy Dickey will take participants from being a tech novice to understanding the key concepts and most important issues surrounding technology in today’s library. The course is divided into three four-week modules, and in each one, Dickey will introduce you to a specific area of library technology, then delve deeper to teach the basics of how that key technology functions, how it applies to librarianship, and how to evaluate the potential use of that technology in your institution.

The course will cover a broad spectrum of library technology that librarians work with every day, including:

  • Integrated Library Systems (ILS)
  • The Library Website
  • Mobile “apps” and services
  • E-books
  • Cloud Computing
  • Emerging technologies, such as 3D printing and embedded computing

We know that having a basic understanding of the concepts behind these technologies is vital and this advanced eCourse will provide participants with the essential knowledge necessary to work in today’s tech-savvy environment and help build confidence in working with library technology at the same time. You don’t have to be a programmer or a computer scientist to be proficient in library technology and help your library make important decisions about how to use it.

Learning outcomes

Participants in this advanced eCourse will:

  • Learn the history and current state of integrated library systems (ILS).
  • Gain an understanding of technology (hardware and cloud technologies) as well as industry standards and their importance in the field.
  • Evaluate the current and potential use for open-source systems, e-books, and mobile applications in your library.
  • Evaluate the potential use of emerging technologies such as web services, linked data, and embedded computing devices for libraries.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts and issues of library technology management.

Participants who complete this advanced eCourse will receive a SJSU iSchool/ALA Publishing Advanced Certificate of Completion. This certificate will affirm your status as having completed all the steps of an advanced eCourse on Library Technology for the Low-Tech Librarian and will provide proof of your participation that you can add to your resume.

Advanced eCourses—a new format in which faculty from the SJSU iSchool will help you dig deep into cutting-edge topics during 12-week online courses, equipping you with potentially transformative knowledge and skills, and taking you from introductory through high-level content.

eCourse Outline

I. Library Technology Today: Basic Systems

  • Week 1: Introduction to ILS modules and vendors
  • Week 2: Usability of library websites
  • Week 3: “Next-gen” library catalogs and mobile apps
  • Week 4: Cloud computing and libraries

Optional Library Website Usability Review

II. Library Technology Today: Expansions of Library Technology

  • Week 5: Discovery layers and resource sharing
  • Week 6: Virtual library services
  • Week 7: E-book platforms
  • Week 8: Networks, mobile apps, and the digital branch

Optional Vendor Review and Comparison

III. Library Technology Tomorrow: Emerging Technologies

  • Week 9: Library linked data
  • Week 10: The internet of things and embedded computing
  • Week 11: 3D printing and emerging hardware applications
  • Week 12: Developing technology competencies for librarians

Optional Technology Proposal

Within the week-by-week format, you will be able to work at your own pace and interact with the instructor through emails and message boards without the constraints of attending a live session at a specific time.

How this eCourse Works

The eCourse begins on January 19, 2016. Your participation will require approximately six hours a week, at times that fit your schedule. All activities take place on the website, and you will be expected to:
  • Read, listen to or view online content
  • Post to online discussion boards
  • Complete weekly assignments or activities
Instructor Timothy Dickey will monitor discussion boards regularly during the 12-week period, lead group discussions, and will also answer individual questions. All interaction will take place on the eCourse site, which will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's recommended that participants log into the site on January 19 or within a few days for an overview of the content and to begin the first lesson.
User Requirements

Participants will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection for online message boards participation, viewing online video, listening to streaming audio (mp3 files), and downloading and viewing PDFs and PowerPoint files.

At Your Service

Accommodations are offered based on user needs. For transcription or other accessibility requests, please contact us at

ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions eCourses are fully compatible with Windows and MacOs.
About the Instructor

Timothy J. Dickey is an acting public service librarian, experienced with all aspects of library technology, including emerging technologies. As a library science professor, his current repertoire of courses includes library automation, reference, cataloging, research methods, and music librarianship for Drexel University, Kent State University, the University of Washington iSchool, and San José State University. Prior to that he assisted Dr. Lynn Connaway at the OCLC Office of Research with work in data mining, user studies, and an IMLS grant project evaluating virtual reference services. He also has served as editor for the journal RLG DigiNews. He holds a Ph.D. from Duke University, and M.L.I.S. from Kent State University.

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