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The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Blends—eEditions e-book
Megan M. McArdle
Item Number: 7400-2560
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $44.00
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232 pages
Year Published: 2015

Genre fiction has always been a complex mixture of themes and elements. The increasing popularity of “genre blends,” or fiction that straddles the traditional labels, means greater pleasure for readers but a greater challenge for readers’ advisory. In this informative and entertaining book McArdle gets library staff up to speed on these engaging titles, showing how such crossover fiction appeals to fanbases of multiple genres. Complete with booklists, summaries, read-alikes, and thorough indexes, this guide

  • Covers suspense, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, mystery, romance, and science fiction, as well as non-genre titles that don’t neatly fit into any categories
  • Offers guidance for shelving, displaying, and marketing genre blends
  • Shows how to make the most of online discovery tools in cataloging these titles
  • Includes “Blend MVPs,” a section spotlighting several popular authors who regularly move between genres, and a useful bibliography of additional resources

Providing a unique look at how common genres are often combined, this guide will open up new worlds of fiction to readers’ advisors and those whom they serve.


Series Introduction
  1. Adrenaline Blends - Blends on the Edge of Your Seat
  2. Fantasy Blends - Blends with Magic
  3. Historical Fiction Blends - Blends from the Past
  4. Horror Blends - Blends That Give Your Goosebumps
  5. Mystery Blends - Blends with a Puzzle
  6. Romance Blends - Blends That Are Looking for True Love
  7. Science Fiction Blends - Blends That Ask "What If?"
  8. Whole Collection Blends - Looking beyond the Fiction Stacks for Blends
  9. Readers' Advisory for Blends
Literacy Fiction Blends
Genre Blending MVPs


About the Author

Megan M. McArdle is a librarian with more than fifteen years of experience in public libraries doing collection development and readers’ advisory. She is the Science Fiction and Fantasy columnist for Library Journal and has a website devoted to genre blends at

”Genre blending is one of the more delightful conundrums readers’ advisors face in popular reading, and this guide helps both novices and experts … An essential purchase for professional readers’-advisory collections."
— Booklist

”By identifying the exact literary pathways that make these blends so unique, The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Blends offers something most literary assessments do not: the opportunity to read outside the genre box. Librarians and any general-interest reader will relish this approach!"
— California Bookwatch

"An enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys genre fiction, but it is essential for librarians who have responsibility for readers’ advisory in their libraries."
— Catholic Library World

”Written in an accessible, engaging way that not only provides concrete examples of each type of blend, but also provides enough information for readers to start identifying and recommending blends on their own."
— Reference Reviews

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