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Putting the User First: 30 Strategies for Transforming Library Services
Courtney Greene McDonald
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8732-2
Publisher: ACRL
Price: $30.00
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104 pages
7” x 7”
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-8732-2
Year Published: 2014
AP Categories: P

User experience is everywhere. From your library’s website to the signage by the elevators, everything contributes to the overall user experience of our patrons. Just one simple idea can transform your library: put the user first. But as you likely already know, just because something's simple doesn't mean it's easy. How best to identify, implement, and evaluate user-driven changes in order to improve physical and virtual services? The good news is that even small changes can make big headway. Putting the User First:30 Strategies for Transforming Library Services will give you 30 hands-on strategies and practical suggestions to enable you to begin transforming your library, library services, and even your personal practice to be more responsive, effective and user-centered today.

Table of Contents


User Guide

  1. Admit 
  2. Define                 
  3. Observe
  4. Notice
  5. Serve
  6. Obsess
  7. Sift
  8. Ask
  9. Curate
  10. Escape
  11. Evaluate
  12. Pretend
  13. Prioritize
  14. Stop
  15. Connect
  16. Care
  17. Listen
  18. Translate
  19. Polish
  20. Test
  21. Fail—Cheerfully!
  22. Raid
  23. Anticipate
  24. Smile
  25. Defuse
  26. Sketch
  27. Engage
  28. Play
  29. Converse
  30. Leap     

Works Referenced Throughout the Text  

Author’s Notes

About the Author

About the Author

Courtney Greene McDonald is Head of the Discovery & Research Services department at the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries. She has presented and written on a variety of topics, most recently on discovery tools and user experience and on mobile services for libraries, including co-authoring a book, The Anywhere Library: A Primer for the Mobile Web. She earned her Master of Library Science degree, as well as a BA in English and Journalism, from Indiana University-Bloomington, and holds a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University in Chicago.


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