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Library Management in Disruptive Times: Skills and Knowledge for an Uncertain Future
edited by Steve O'Connor
Item Number: 978-1-78330-021-1
Publisher: Facet Publishing, UK
Price: $110.00
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224 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-1-78330-021-1
Year Published: 2015

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Is the traditional library business model a victim of disruptive digital technologies? With contributions from expert professional library leaders and educators, this edited collection offers thought-provoking perspectives on the challenge of the current operating environment across a range of library types, library professional associations, and geographic regions. As leading influencers of the professional thinking and management behaviors of the profession, the contributors apply their own unique perspectives to the challenges of disruptive change in libraries globally. Key topics covered include:
  • leading change;
  • management fads and their impact on libraries;
  • user engagement;
  • the value of collaboration and consortia;
  • library management and the global economic crisis;
  • agile management techniques;
  • the role of professional associations in redefining the profession;
  • developing management skills on the job; and
  • planning for the future.
This dynamic collection helps readers to envision the purpose and value of future libraries and to see change as a rare opportunity to create truly new roles for librarians.
Table of Contents

Introduction - Steve O’Connor

1. Leading change – knowledge for success - Ian Smith
2. Management fads and fashions and their impact on the LIS community - Bill Fisher
3. The 5 rules of engagement for librarians: aux Ranganathan’s Laws of Library Science - Choy Fatt Cheong 
4. Library management, disruption and consortia: an Australian example - Michael Robinson 
5. No regrets; just lessons: economic crisis is changing our life and the management of libraries - Petros Kostagiolas 
6. Introducing agile principles and management to a library organization - Daniel Forsman 
7. The role of professional associations in changing times - Susan Henczel 
8. And the walls came tumbling down … the library profession confronts all-invasive new managerialism - Colin Storey 
9. What is behind the meaning of disruption? Or, thinking of management strategies from the other side’ - Steve O’Connor
About the Editor

Steve O’Connor
is Editor of the journal Library Management, Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University, UK and the Director of Information Exponentials. He is the author of over 60 articles and a frequent presenter at international library and information management conferences and has conducted workshops on library futures and scenario planning across Australia and China, and in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

“Thoughtful insight.”
— Technical Services Quarterly

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