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Every Child Ready for School: Helping Adults Inspire Young Children to Learn—print/PDF e-book Bundle
Dorothy Stoltz, Elaine M. Czarnecki, and Connie Wilson
Item Number: 7700-1259
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $55.00
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160 pages
Digital Download: PDF e-book format
Year Published: 2013

The topic of early literacy continues to gain momentum in educational circles. But early literacy storytimes are only one way libraries can contribute. The authors of this innovative training handbook offer many more. Reflecting the combined expertise of a reading specialist, an outreach librarian, and an early literacy trainer, Every Child Ready for School keeps libraries at the forefront of early literacy and school readiness information delivery. Focusing on training the caregiver, this handbook
  • Explains how to help day-care providers, homeschoolers, and others who care for young children foster school-readiness skills among their charges
  • Arms librarians with a step-by-step workshop model, with tips on implementing and evaluating the program
  • Provides guidance for coordinating workshops with other library early literacy initiatives
  • Includes resources and activities to share with participants
Presenting models which can be easily adapted to state-mandated school-readiness requirements, Every Child Ready for School helps libraries fashion their own innovative community early literacy outreach programs.

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Table of Contents

Preface i
Acknowledgments v
Introduction vii

Part I Why Train Adults?
Chapter 1     How Children Learn 3
Chapter 2     Harnessing the Benefits of Collaboration: Libraries Are Natural Community Partners 13
Chapter 3     Carroll County’s Early Literacy and School Readiness Training Assessment Project 21
Part II Guidelines for Training Adults
Chapter 4     Intentional Training 37
Chapter 5     Training with a Light Touch 43
Chapter 6     The Power of Workshops 47
Part III A Step-by-Step Guide to a Great Training Package
Chapter 7     Planning and Preparation 53
Chapter 8     The Primary Workshop 63
Chapter 9     Ongoing Support and Celebration 93
Chapter 10    Using Best Practices to Customize Your Training Package 101
Afterword 107

Appendixes 109
A Sample Ready At Five Cards 109
B Sample Online Blog Training Entry 110
C Early Literacy School Readiness Initial or Primary Workshop Sample Agenda 112
D Pretend Play Skit Script 114
E Extension Activity Chart 117
F Sample Fingerplay and Song 118
G Kindergarten Skills Matching Activity Answer Key 119
H Sample Newsletter 120
I Early Literacy School Readiness Follow-up Workshop Sample Agenda 124
J Sample Participants’ Comments 125

Resources 127

Index 133

About the Authors

Dorothy Stoltz coordinates outreach services and programming at Carroll County (Maryland) Public
Library. She spearheaded a successful early literacy training research study, which showed statistically
significant increases in early literacy skills of children. With more than twenty-five years of experience
in public libraries, she oversees early literacy training, peer coaching, programming, mobile services,
community outreach, and grant projects, including “Parents as Teachers,” at her library. She is the
author of several articles in professional journals. In 2011 she became a member of the ALSC/PLA
Every Child Ready to Read Oversight Committee. She is also co-author of Tender Topics: Picture Books About Childhood Challenges.

Elaine M. Czarnecki is a literacy consultant with the firm Resources in Reading in Annapolis,
Maryland. She teaches for Johns Hopkins University and is a former elementary school–based reading
specialist. She provides professional development in the area of emergent literacy to children’s
librarians across Maryland and has given similar workshops in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin,
and Minnesota. Since 2001 she has provided consulting services for a variety of library initiatives,
including the Emergent Literary Training Assessment Project. She has coauthored two articles for
Public Libraries. She earned her master’s degree in education with a concentration in reading at Loyola
University in Maryland. She is also co-author of Tender Topics: Picture Books About Childhood Challenges.
Connie Wilson recently retired after twenty-one years in librarian and supervisory positions at Carroll
County (Maryland) Public Library. Her original career encompassed ten years of social work in New
York. Moving to Maryland, Connie returned to her first love—libraries. She brought her social work
experience, work with children, and trainer certification to her library positions. Connie has led various
literacy workshops for parents, child care professionals, and librarians in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
She was the lead program trainer for Maryland and Delaware Library Associate Trainees. She is a
national and international conference presenter and has coauthored two articles for Public Libraries.


"The authors—a reading specialist, an outreach librarian, and an early-literacy trainer—offer a wealth of practical and easy-to-implement suggestions on how to create a training package for adults to encourage school readiness in young children. This book provides relevant and thoughtful hands-on tips and ideas for every step in the process, from why it is important to offer training opportunities about early learning for parents and guardians to ways staff can support those adults. Questions meant to encourage reflection (“Points to Ponder”) are included at the close of each chapter, along with a section of notes listing any works cited. Appendixes offer samples of a training agenda, newsletter, blog entry, and more. The work concludes with a comprehensive resource section and an index. Web extras, including downloadable versions of materials listed in the book, are available online. This text would be a valuable tool for anyone responsible for creating or presenting early-learning training for adults."


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