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The Embedded Librarian's Cookbook
Edited by Kaijsa Calkins and Cassandra Kvenild
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8693-6
Publisher: ACRL
Price: $48.00
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180 pages
6” x 9”
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-8693-6
Year Published: 2014
AP Categories: P
The Embedded Librarian’s Cookbook offers step-by-step guidelines for implementing tested approaches to embedded librarianship. As with ACRL’s 2009 Library Instruction Cookbook, the “recipes” are sorted into categories related to different uses and depth of need. This second Cookbook provides librarians with a variety of approaches to embedding instruction in courses and to assessing these activities. 55 recipes aimed at different audiences and for a wide variety of situations are presented. This volume builds on the ACRL 2011 publication Embedded Librarianship: Moving Beyond One-shot Instruction, also edited by Kaijsa Calkins and Cassandra Kvenild. 

The Embedded Librarian’s Cookbook is essential for all instruction and liaison librarians and useful for schools of library and information science professional collections.

Table of Contents


Part I 

1. Amuse Bouche: Bite Sized Embedded Projects

How to Create an Embedded Library Instruction Services (ELIS) Assignment
SaraJane Tompkins, Michael F. Strahan, and Judith Puncochar

Just Because It’s on Google Doesn’t Mean It’s Free for Me to Use! Helping Students Navigate the Muddy Waters of Copyright and Fair Use!
Michelle Costello, Maria Perpetua Socorro Liwanag, and Steve Dresbach

Tapas-style Instruction: Small Bytes for Speech/Debate Campers
Michelle Twait

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? Improving Students’ Research Approach by Providing Them with the Necessary Tools
Kimberly Davies-Hoffman and Paul Pacheco

Twitter Tapas for Embedded Librarianship: “Byte-size” Course Integrated Literacy Instruction While Engaging Students in Almost-Synchronous Virtual Reference
Carol Hartman

2. First Courses: Embedding in the First-Year Experience

Steps to Success: Exploring the Research Process with First-Year Students
Andrea Falcone

Avoiding Plagiarism—Don’t Get Burned
Cate Calhoun Ovaret

Eat Dessert First! Flipping the Sequence of Information Literacy Instruction to Enhance Student Learning
Nancy Fawley

Sauté, Simmer, Reduce: Embedded Lessons in the Research Process for First-Year Composition Students
Robin E. Miller

From Smorgasbord to Sous-Chef: Communities of Practice in Information Literacy
Marianne Giltrud

One Ingredient, Many Flavors: Following One Event through the Information Timeline
Nia Lam and Beth Sanderson

A Research-Infused Entreé for First-Year Students
Stacey Shah and Connie James-Jenkin

Librarian Prescription
Caroline Conley and Claire Murata

3. Everyday Meals: Adaptable Instructions for Embedded Projects

Cooking Up Collaboration! Faculty-Librarian Collaboration in Online Instruction
Melissa Langridge, Kristin Burger, Blake Carver, and Natalie Bennett

Five Shakes at Information Literacy
Sara Klink and Melissa Bauer

iMovie, MS PowerPoint, ProShow Producer, Oh My! Helping Students Find the Right Path to Creating Meaningful Digital Projects
Steve Dresbach, Maria Perpetua Socorro U. Liwanag, and Michelle Costello

Roman Pancake Tart à la Library: A Multi-Layered Approach to Integrating Library Instruction into a Classical Studies Course
Chanitra Bishop and Catherine Minter

Telling Stories about the Library: Using Photo-Comics as Student Research Narratives
Matt Upson and Alex Mudd

4. Regional Cuisine: Embedding in the Disciplines


Slow-Cooking Method For Librarian Embedding In Chemistry Curriculum Development 
Ignacio J. Ferrer-Vinent 

Preparing for Some Sweet Chemistry 
Bonnie L. Fong


Marinating on Workplace Information Use and Behavior
Chanitra Bishop and Christina Sheley

Preparing the Perfect Paper
Claire Clemens

Health Sciences

Embedded Librarian for a Writing Course in the Clinical Nurse Leader Program
Lin Wu

PICO de Gallo: Spicing Up Evidence-Based Nursing Research
Cass Kvenild and Jenny Garcia


Five-Course Meal Infused with Information Skills and Resources
Kimberly Whalen and Suzanne Zentz

Preparing Online Doctoral Students for Success
Swapna Kumar and Marilyn Ochoa


Tantalizing Treats: Scholarly Research in Sensitive Subjects
Beth E. Tumbleson with Richelle Frabotta

Cooking up a Concept Map with Prezi: Conceptualizing the Artist Statement
Katie Greer

Building and Tactile Learning in the Literature Classroom 
Alison Valk and Robin Wharton

Primary Source Stew: Helping Students Create a Historical Narrative Using Primary Sources in the University Archives 
Erin Lawrimore 


Cookin’ Up State and Local Government Research
Connie James-Jenkin and Stacey Shah

5. Al Fresco Dining: Embedding in Online Courses

Feed Them When They’re Hungry: Embedding in an Online Asynchronous Graduate Level Research and Writing Course
Qiana Johnson

Pathways Potluck: They Bring the Questions, We Bring the Research! 
Beth Filar Williams and Jenny Dale

The Slow-Baked Ham of Integrated Librarianship: Getting into Online Learning Spaces with Limited Resources
Heather Lamond and Elizabeth Chisholm

Brunch with a Side of Hashtags 
Melissa Mallon

Presentation is Everything: Creating an Online Personal Profile
Julie Cornett

Taste Testing Scholarly and Popular Content to Learn about Authority and Information Context 
Elizabeth Leonard

Slow-Cooked Embedded Services
Valerie Knight and Charissa Loftis

An Annotated Bibliography Medley
Megan McGuire and Serene Rock 

The Research Process Tasting Menu: Bite-sized Information Literacy Skills Embedded in Online Courses
Jennifer C. Hill

Information Literacy MREs: Pre-packaged Modules for Research Ease
Jennifer Kelley

6. Tailgating: Embedding Outside of the Library and Outside of the Classroom

Art and Soul: Appetizers Designed for Community-based Working Artists
Judy Wanner, Linda Graburn, and Jane Burpee

Memes on the Menu: Tasty Tactics to Get your Athletes on Track
Nicole Pagowsky and Erica DeFrain

Whipping up a Better World: Embedding Library Instruction into Service Learning Classes with Community Based Research Assignments
Theresa McDevitt

Taking the Research Game on the Road: Librarian’s Office Hours for Student Athletes
Susan Avery

The Golden Carrot: Cooking Demonstrations as Library Outreach
Mark Bieraugel

Blending in Library Instruction is a Recipe for Academic Success: Embedding Information Literacy Instruction in Campus Life 
Theresa McDevitt

Part II

1. Test Kitchen: Assessing Your Efforts

Assessment Layer Cake: Online Learning and Virtual Dessert 
Helene Gold

Marinated in Information Literacy: Using Curriculum Mapping to Assess the Depth, Breadth, and Content of your Embedded Instruction Program 
Leslie Bussert

A Three Course Meal (plus Dessert!): Embedding Information Literacy into the First Year Seminar Curriculum
Lisa Coats and Anne Pemberton

2. Menu Planning: Creating a Long Term Plan for Embedded Instruction

Conversion Recipe: From Tableside Service to Buffet Style—Shifting a Micro Embedded Model to Macro 
Jennie Simning and Erika Bennett

Library Widget for the Learning Management System (with a Dash of Contextual Relevance)
Mike Flakus and Amy R. Hofer

Culinary School: Fundamentals of Library Cuisine for Faculty
Ariana Baker

A La Carte Library Instruction: Empowering Faculty to Teach Information Literacy 
Jason Vance and Amy York

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew! Creating a Sustainable Embedded Librarian Service for Academic Libraries
Jessica Mussel

About the Editors

Kaijsa Calkins is English Research & Instruction Librarian at the University of Wyoming Libraries. Cassandra Kvenild is Head, Learning Resource Center at the University of Wyoming Libraries.

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