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The ALA Guide to Researching Modern China
Yunshan Ye
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1209-6
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $62.00
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248 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1209-6
Year Published: 2014
AP Categories: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, Z

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As China has evolved into an economic superpower, interest in its culture and current place in the world has skyrocketed; China Studies are now taught in almost every college or university in the U.S., as well as in many junior high and high schools. Covering modern China, not just Chinese culture from an historical perspective, this important new book fills a sizeable gap in the literature. Originating as a Carnegie Whitney Award-winning book project, Ye’s research guide goes beyond a mere list of print resources to reflect the predominant role of digital resources in the changing landscape of scholarly research, teaching critical information literacy concepts and skills in the field of China Studies by
  • Sketching in basic facts and figures of Chinese history and culture from antiquity to the present
  • Detailing key English- and Chinese-language resources in literature, government, statistics, art, film, history, philosophy, religion, economics, law, politics, and more
  • Offering strategies for finding research sources like articles and dissertations, as well as primary sources such as government documents and archives
  • Including guidance on how to acquire print and electronic resources in Chinese
This richly detailed, up-to-date work will guide researchers at all levels to the most important resources in the field of Modern China Studies.
Table of Contents

About This Guide
Modern China: Basic Facts and Figures
Chinese History and Culture: A Chronology

Chapter 1
Historical Overview of Modern China Studies in the United States

Chapter 2
Fundamentals of Scholarly Research in the Digital Environment

Chapter 3
Finding Reference Sources

Chapter 4
Finding Books and Dissertations

Chapter 5
Finding Articles in English

Chapter 6
Finding Articles in Chinese

Chapter 7
Finding Related Articles for Literature Review

Chapter 8
Finding Government Documents

Chapter 9
Finding Archives, Statistical Data, News, and Images

Chapter 10
Researching Humanities in Art, Film, and Media Studies

Chapter 11
Researching Humanities in Modern Chinese History

Chapter 12
Researching Humanities in Literature, Philosophy, and Religion

Chapter 13
Researching Social Sciences in Anthropology, Sociology, and Education

Chapter 14
Researching Social Sciences in Economics and Business

Chapter 15
Researching Social Sciences in Law, Politics, and Women’s and Gender Studies

Appendix A: Guide to Buying Chinese Books and Films 
Appendix B: Guide to Buying Chinese E-resources
About the Author

Yunshan Ye
is the academic liaison librarian for anthropology, East Asian studies, and political science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also serving as chair of humanities on the Collection Development Council of the Sheridan Libraries and Museums of Johns Hopkins University and is editor-in-chief of the CALA Occasional Paper Series, a peer reviewed journal published by the Chinese American Librarian Association (CALA). He has taught national and regional workshops for scholars and librarians on the topic of researching modern China.

”This professional resource is awesome indeed … Librarians will appreciate the specific sources cited, but teachers who are not as familiar with finding resources will appreciate the guidance for retrieving sources, as well as criteria to evaluate the quality of the resources. Discussion of the difference in sources for the popular press and sources for scholarly research is valuable for the advanced high school student or teacher."

"All resources are presented from general to specific and in a step-by-step fashion that makes this volume truly useful for nonspecialists. Reflecting an old Chinese proverb--'good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job'--this guide serves as a ramp to researching fast-flowing information in modern China."

”Both a helpful and an interesting read ... This book is useful as a reference tool because it is broken down into finding specific information, such as articles both in English and in Chinese, and giving specific resources, such as database names, for finding each. Additionally, the author gives advice for finding information on different subjects, such as art and modern Chinese history, with search terms to make researching more streamlined."
— Catholic Library World

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