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RDA and Serials Cataloging--eEditions PDF e-book
Ed Jones
Item Number: 7400-1396
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $48.00
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232 pages
Digital Download: PDF e-book format
Year Published: 2013

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Serials and continuing resources present a variety of unique challenges in bibliographic management, from special issues and unnumbered supplements to recording the changes that a long-running periodical can experience over time. Easing catalogers through the RDA: Resource Description and Access transition by showing the continuity with past practice, serials cataloging expert Jones frames the practice within the structure of the FRBR and FRAD conceptual models on which RDA is based. With serials’ special considerations in mind, he
  • Explains the familiarities and differences between AACR2 and RDA
  • Demonstrates how serials catalogers’ work fits in the cooperative context of OCLC, CONSER and NACO
  • Presents examples of how RDA records can ultimately engage with the Semantic Web
Occasional serials catalogers and specialists alike will find useful advice here as they explore the structure of the new cataloging framework.
Table of Contents


Part I Preparation

Chapter 1
An Introduction to Serials and Serials Cataloging 

Chapter 2
Getting to Know RDA: A New Structure and Other Changes from AACR2

Part II Serials Cataloging Using RDA

Chapter 3
Searching and the Universe of Serials

Chapter 4
Cataloging Serials and Ongoing Integrating Resources Using RDA

1. General Instructions Relating to Serials Cataloging Using RDA and MARC 21
2. Attributes of Resources (Manifestations and Items and the Works and Expressions They Embody (by ISBD Area)
3. Relationships between Resources
4. Identifying Works and Expressions [RDA 6]
5. Identifying Related Entities (Authorized Access Points for Persons, Corporate Bodies, and Other Resources Related to the Resource Being Described)
6. Online Serials and CONSER Provider-Neutral Records
7. Ongoing Integrating Resources

Epilogue RDA and Linked Data
About the Author

Ed Jones has been cataloging serials, on and off, since 1976, and over the years has authored several scholarly papers and made numerous presentations on serials cataloging, the FRBR and FRAD conceptual models, and RDA. He has been a member of the CONSER Operations Committee, on and off, since 1981, and recently served as an RDA advisor. In 1995, he received his doctorate in library and information science from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. He is currently associate director for assessment and technical services at National University in San Diego.

"A refreshing lack of tentativeness makes this a usable manual for hands-on practitioners. There is no ‘hemming and hawing’ over matters where RDA is still a moving target and continuing to develop … Working catalogers will be able to use this manual for day-to-day practice and will find it of lasting value as a reference manual for unusual or difficult cases. It will be found useful in libraries large and small and can serve as a reassuring introduction to the cataloging of serial publications. Deft deployment of wry humor makes the book pleasantly readable."
— Collection Building

”Highly recommended for any situation – technical service departments or library students – where serials need to be catalogued using RDA protocols."
— Australian Library Journal

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