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Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians--print/e-book Bundle
Marie R. Kennedy and Cheryl LaGuardia
Item Number: 7700-8894
Publisher: ALA Neal-Schuman
Price: $70.00
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200 pages
Year Published: 2013

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It’s often hard to juggle promoting a library’s e-resources effectively at the same time as building basic visibility within the community it serves. Useful for librarians at any type of institution, this How-To-Do-It Manual guides readers through every step of developing, implementing, and evaluating plans to market e-resources in an approachable and user-friendly way. Kennedy and LaGuardia show how front line librarians can improve awareness of under-utilized resources and increase demand for more of the same, thereby encouraging increased funding. Their book includes
  • Four complete programs from both public and academic libraries
  • A step-by-step organization guide, with a variety of feedback and assessment forms which can be used as models
  • Numerous examples of well-executed plans and outcomes

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword, by John Palfrey
Preface: Why Write a Book about E-resource Marketing?

Part I How to Design Your Marketing Plan 

Chapter 1: Determine the Purpose of Your Marketing Plan
What You Can Discover about Your E-resources Right Now
Usage Statistics
Speak with One Message
Everybody Does the Marketing
Be Mindful of Competing Interests
Marketing Makes Your Patrons Smarter
Gather the Troops

Chapter 2 : Fashion Your Marketing Plan
Components of a Marketing Plan
Project Description
Current Market
SWOT Analysis
Target Market
Action Plan
Recommended Resources for Further Reading

Chapter 3 : Implement Your Marketing Plan
Make Your Plan a Reality
Project Description
Current Market
SWOT Analysis
Target Market
Action Plan
Marketing Your Electronic Resources Can Change Your Library
Recommended Resources for Further Reading

Chapter 4 : Construct Your Written Marketing Plan Report
Write for Your Audience
Address the Components in Your Report
Executive Summary
Current Market, Target Market
Goals, Strategies, Proposed Measurements
Timeline, Staff, Budget
Wrap It Up

Chapter 5 : Assess Your Marketing Plan
First, Take a Good, Long, Hard Look at Your Library Website
Then. Take a Good, Long, Hard Look at Your Electronic Resources
Now, Ask Yourself Assessment Questions
A Rubric May Help
Marketing Takes Money, and Assessing the Marketing Takes Money
Market Your Electronic Resources Ethically
Recommended Resources for Further Reading

Chapter 6: Revise and Update Your Marketing Plan (“Lather, Rinse, and Repeat”)
Give Yourself Time to Think
Project Description
Current Market
SWOT Analysis
Target Market
Action Plan
Revise Your Plan
Communicate Your Successes or Failures in Marketing

Part II Sample Marketing Plan Reports

Example 1: Marketing Plan from an All-Electronic Library
Statewide Marketing and Communications Plan, NOVELNY: New York Online Virtual Electronic Library
Goals and Objectives
Campaign Planning
Research Overview
Situation Analysis
Barriers to Access and Use
OCLC Study Provides Clear Direction
Ten Issues: Ten Strategies
Mass Customization and Segmenting the Market
Target Audience: General Consumer Population
Target Audience: Executive Office, State Legislature Elected Officials and Aides, and Board of Regents
Target Audience: Public Librarians
Target Audience: Business and Economic Development Sector
Target Audience: Academic Librarians, College Administrators, and College and University Librarians and Teaching Faculty
Target Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Students, and Parents in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools; Homeschoolers and Parent–Teacher Associations
Target Audience: Parents of One Million Plus Children in Statewide Summer Reading Program

Example 2: Marketing Plan from a Public Library, Sample 1
Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District, “Building a Buzz”
Key Audiences
Lessons Learned

Example 3: Marketing Plan from a Public Library, Sample 2
Worthington Libraries 2012 Communications and Development Plan
Community Relations Department Staff
Plan Focus Areas
Fundraising and Development 
Public Relations and Marketing 
Partnerships and Outreach 

Example 4: Marketing Plan from a University Library
Milner Library, Illinois State University 2012–2014 Marketing Plan
Marketing Strategies
Forms of Publicity
Target Audiences
Media Contacts 
Public Relations and Marketing Unit Team Members

Appendix 1: Milner Library Logo
Appendix 2: Activity Planning Feedback
Appendix 3: Speaker Assessment Form
Appendix 4: Target Audience/Specific Media
Appendix 5: Media Contacts
Appendix 6: Marketing Timeline for Standing Annual Activities
Appendix 7: Public Relations/Marketing Request
Appendix 8: Flier Posting Information; Mailbox Stuffing Information
Appendix 9: Table Tent Guidelines for Campus Dining Halls

About the Authors

About the Authors

Marie R. Kennedy is a librarian at Loyola Marymount University, where she coordinates serials and electronic resources. She has written and presented widely on the development and use of electronic resource management systems. In her spare time she takes photographs and creates taste experiments in her kitchen. She also writes the blog Organization Monkey about organization and librarianship.

Cheryl LaGuardia is research librarian at Widener Library, Harvard University. Previously she worked in reference, research instruction, online services, collections, interlibrary loan, and circulation at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and at Union College in Schenectady, NY. She writes the E-Views blog and the electronic review column “E-Reviews” for Library Journal, and in 1996 she was awarded RUSA’s Louis Shores/Oryx Press Award for reviewing. She has edited ProQuest’s Magazines for Libraries since 2000 and is on the editorial board of Reference Services Review. She has published a number of books, including Becoming a Library Teacher; Finding Common Ground: Creating the Library of the Future without Diminishing the Library of the Past; and Teaching the New Library.

"Everything one would expect from a guide written by two highly respected academic electronic-resources librarians ... The helpful web extras, authors’ notes, and short anecdotes that supplement each chapter round out an altogether well-crafted and informative guide that will be useful for any library looking to get more bang from its electronic-resources budget."

"The authors walk the reader through each part of developing a marketing plan in a detailed and thorough manner … most helpful of all, perhaps, especially for librarians who are unfamiliar with marketing concepts and practices for libraries, are the sample marketing plans at the end of the book."
--Public Libraries

"An extremely useful, practical and evidence-based approach to the topic … the authors’ demonstrate a sound knowledge of e-resource marketing, with a strong focus on public and academic libraries."
--Library Management

"A really useful, practical and evidence-based approach to the topic, which can be read quickly and applied effectively in any kind of library as the authors’ method is extremely flexible … will suit any marketing team looking to get its own campaigns off to a flying start."

"An excellent resource for any library. Every library needs to know how to educate its patrons about these resources, and this book provides a well-organized, uncomplicated plan for doing so."

"Although both authors draw their experience from academic libraries, this book targets all library types and personnel, reflecting the belief that the most effective marketing occurs in the daily interactions of library staff with user communities … Kennedy and LaGuardia offer a flexible, step-by-step approach to e-resource marketing that is neatly laid out in the table of contents and searchable via a comprehensive index. The variety of presentation techniques— narrative text, sidebars, figures and tables, and 'Web Extras'—makes this a multilayered resource appropriate for a wide range of learning styles, institutional environments, and levels of marketing experience."
--Library Resources & Technical Services

”Examples of plans created by different libraries are used throughout the book, and readers will appreciate how these examples illustrate that effective electronic resource marketing plans can be created for almost any library, regardless of budget constraints."
— Reference & User Services Quarterly

”Kennedy and LaGuardia provide exactly what the title indicates: a clear and succinct guide to promoting electronic resources effectively from beginning to end and in a variety of library settings ... thorough yet succinct, well supported and, perhaps most importantly, executable – all excellent qualities for an instructional guide."
— Collection Building

"After evaluating and selecting the right electronic resources for your library, negotiating cost and licensing agreements, getting the databases to work when accessed on- and off-site, tweaking the log-in and instructions pages, creating tutorials, holding training sessions, and troubleshooting problems, you notice that usage was low at renewal time. Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources is designed to ensure that this never happens again."
— Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries

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