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The No-Nonsense Guide to Archives and Recordkeeping
Margaret Crockett
Item Number: 978-1-85604-855-2
Publisher: Facet Publishing, UK
Price: $115.00
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224 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-1-85604-855-2
Year Published: 2015

This title will be available December 2015. You may place an order and the item will be shipped when it becomes available.

A how-to-do-it guide to all aspects of archives and records management from creation of records through to making them accessible as archives. Based on the internationally renowned training days run by the author this deals with all materials including born-digital and digitized, photographs and audio-visual. Utilizing checklists, practical exercises, sample documentation, case studies and helpful diagrams the authors ensure a very accessible and pragmatic approach allowing anyone to get to grips with the basics quickly. Topics include:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Recordkeeping
  • Records management
  • Archives management
  • Preservation

This one-stop-shop is ideal for practitioners globally involved in the practical management of archives and records, especially if they are just starting out or without formal training, including  archives and records assistants, librarians, information managers and IT professionals responsible for archives and records and managers of archives staff.

Table of Contents

1. Concepts and context
  • Archives and records: concepts and terminology
  • Record media and formats
  • Types of archive repository
  • The archives and records scene
  • Working with records and archives 
  • Record creators and archive users
  • Round-up
2. Managing current records
  • Introduction
  • Creation
  • Filing, classification and file naming
  • Use and tracking
  • Security
  • Vital records
  • Round-up
3. Records management
  • Introduction
  • Information management
  • Justifying records management 
  • Planning the records management programme 
  • Surveying 
  • Policy and procedures, implementation guidance
  • The role of legislation, regulation and standards
  • Developing retention schedules
  • Non-current recordkeeping systems
  • Disposal
  • Managing vital records
  • Handling legacy records
  • Initial review and on-going audit
  • Round-up
4. Archives management
  • Introduction
  • Collecting policies
  • Acquisition
  • Intellectual property rights for archives
  • Accessioning
  • Appraisal
  • Arrangement and description
  • Finding aids 
  • Automation and digitization
  • Access
  • Advocacy
  • Working with volunteers
  • Round-up
5. Archival preservation
  • Introduction
  • Policy and strategy
  • Creation conditions
  • Surveys
  • Storage requirements
  • Packaging, handling and access
  • Creation and use of surrogates
  • Disaster prevention and emergency planning
  • Conservation requirements
  • Preservation of digital records
  • Round-up

About the Author

Margaret Crockett is a qualified consultant in archives and records management with over 20 years of professional experience. She is a co-director of the Archive-Skills Consultancy, which offers guidance and teaching internationally.

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