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Can I order products in bulk?

Do you accept product submissions from outside sources?

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Where can I find the art for the International Library Symbol?

Where can I find information about the ALA Book Awards or lists of the historical winners?

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Who chooses the books that celebrities hold in READ posters?

Who are the celebrities that have participated in the Celebrity READ Poster campaign, and how do I suggest a new one?

I have a wonderful assortment of ALA Graphics posters; what’s the best way to frame them?


Can we make our own READ® Posters?

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All ALA Store emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Once you have unsubscribed, you should receive no further ALA Store messages at that email address. To opt out of receiving print catalogs, please send the information as it appears on your address label to; mail to ALA Graphics, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611; fax to 312-280-5842 attention Catalog Marketing; or phone 800-545-2433, ext. 5411.

ALA members, in addition to the instructions above, you may wish to update your communication preferences for ALA-wide mailings. You can do this at

Please send your address information as it appears on your catalog's address label to ; mail to ALA Graphics, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611; fax to 312-280-5842 attention Catalog Marketing; or phone 800-545-2433, ext. 5411.

Yes. Please call for details at 800-545-2433, ext 5411 or send an e-mail to

ALA Graphics appreciates the creative efforts of our members and customers that promote libraries, literacy, and reading. However, ALA Graphics does not accept submissions from outside sources for product development consideration and ALA Graphics does not wish to receive or hold any ideas "in confidence." ALA Graphics has many products in development at any given time and may be already developing a product similar or identical to ideas contained in such submissions, and therefore cannot be obligated to any individual regarding the unsolicited submission of their ideas. ALA Graphics appreciates your interest.

Please send your request to and include what image you would like to use and the purpose of the request. If permission is granted, your use of the image must include the copyright information and a link back to our online store.

The international library symbol is a free symbol in the public domain. The ALA does not hold a copyright on the logo, and its use is encouraged. The pantone color for the blue background is PMS 285. For more information and downloadable images, please consult ALA Library Fact Sheet 30.

See the ALA Book, Print and Media Awards page.

If your question is regarding the READ® Design Studio products, please see our READ® Design Studio information page.
For licensing and usage information, please read the License Overview.


These products belong to the READ Design Studio, which allows you to create customized READ® posters. The Genres & Subjects DVD contains a number of great art files around the theme of genre fiction, and, like the Starter Pack, can be used to create unlimited posters, bookmarks, signs, stickers, and more. The art files from all of the READ Design Studio products are compatible as long as you have a DVD-ROM drive, which means you can mix and match files to create a nearly infinite amount of READ posters and projects! For more information, visit the READ Design Studio Info Page.

A celebrity who signs on for the READ campaign can choose to hold any book of his or her choice, with the exception of self-authored titles. Celebrity READ posters promote the pleasure and importance of reading for children, teens, and adults. Some hold a classic, others a childhood favorite or something that has inspired them in their life. To see a list of celebrities and the book titles they chose, click here.

For the complete list of the many celebrities who have donated their time and image to the READ Poster campaign, please click here. To submit your suggestion for a celebrity you would like to appear on a READ poster, please e-mail

You can purchase ready-made frames for many of the ALA Graphics poster sizes at stores like Michael's, Wal-Mart, or Kmart. Pearl Fine Art Supplies is a possible resource for do-it-yourself types as they have frame kits, which accommodate nearly every size poster. Other companies, like Frames by Mail or Frames-Direct, sell customizable frames sent through the mail.
The majority of ALA Graphics posters are sized as follows:

  • 11" x 17" (Mini posters)
  • 12" x 18" (Timeless Treasures series)
  • 18" x 24" (History Lives, Celebrate/Diversity, Teen Read Week)
  • 22" x 28" (Children/YA "characters")
  • 22" x 34" (Celebrity READ)

Be advised that there are some anomalies in poster size (13" x 38", 11" x 14", etc.) that occur primarily for creative reasons.

ALA Graphics READ® Design Studio is available to help you create your own READ Posters and includes the Licensing Agreement to do so. ALA holds the trademark to the READ® image and otherwise does not give permission for its use. For further information, please see our READ® Design Studio information page. Additional questions may be directed to

Purchase orders are not accepted online. Please e-mail, fax, or mail your purchase order:

  • E-mail:
  • Fax: 312-280-5860
  • Mail:
  • American Library Association
    PO Box 936239
    Atlanta, GA 31193-6239

ALA organizational members and libraries, schools, and other educational groups which have established accounts in good standing, can be billed. If your organization does not have an open business account with ALA, your fi rst order must be prepaid. Credit references may be required for large orders. If you have questions, please call Customer Service at 866-746-7252. Organizational accounts in good standing are allowed to pay with a purchase order. All orders from individuals need to be prepaid.

Not ready to place an order, but wish to hold onto a list of items you’d like to consider for the future? Create a Wish List that you can reference any time, add to, or send to a colleague. First, create or sign into your user account at the ALA Store. As you browse online and wish to add any product to a Wish List, simply click on the red Add to Wish List button directly beneath Add to cart, on the right side of any product listing. To view your list anytime, click on Wish List directly beneath My Account at the top of the ALA Store (above the red navigation bar).  Once in My ALA Store Account, you can always click Access My Wish List. You can e-mail this list to a friend, colleague, or supervisor to see what you’ve been checking out.  Or, if you’ve made your selections and are about to checkout, but wish to hold an item for later, just click Move to Wish List, and you’ll have a handy list of saved items any time you sign into your account. To view these instructions in more detail, visit our Wish List page.


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